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Agner and Associates broker Shirley Agner, with her favorite “sales associate” Buster T, leads a growing real estate agency set to move to a new home along Getwell Road in Southaven late this year. 

Bob Bakken|DTT

You can easily sense the excitement in Shirley Agner’s voice as she talks about her real estate agency’s move to a new home, a move that will take place late this year.  

“I’m excited but I think every agent in this facility is excited because we’re going to have room,” Agner said. “We were crowded the day we moved in (to the agency’s current location) and we are even more crowded now.”

Agner & Associates LLC, Realtors, of which Shirley Agner is the broker, recently held a groundbreaking for a new building it will be a major part of in a growing business/office area at 5740 Getwell Road in Southaven.

The new location will replace the agency’s current home at 468 Church Road East in Southaven, which Agner said started to become overcrowded almost immediately from the time she and 10 agents took occupancy.

“We have 27 agents now and that number is about to grow more,” Agner said. “That’s in just over two years.”

Shirley Agner has been involved in real estate since 1999 and started her own agency when the company she was working for at the time was sold to a franchise.

“I did not care to be affiliated with a franchise,” Agner said. “I decided at that point in time that I would get my broker’s license and I was fortunate in that several good, producing agents came with me.”

Agner & Associates started on Church Road at Elmore, now has added an office in Senatobia, and at the end of the year will occupy 2,585 square feet of office space in the building being constructed next to the Snowden Grove Park water tower.

The move will double the office’s current available space.

Another 1,900 square feet of the building will be available for another tenant the building owner has yet to determine.

While the word growth is used to describe what is happening with Agner & Associates, Shirley Agner is quick to to say it is not growth just for growth’s sake.

“The idea is not really growth so much as it is strategic growth,” Agner said. “We need producing agents, not just agents. We’re careful about who comes and we’re lucky enough to have good ones.”

Before entering real estate, Agner served as a corporate turnaround agent, helping financial institutions get as much back on their investment as possible from businesses about to go under due to debt problems.  She was also involved in installing computer software systems.

“My background served me well,” Agner said about that previous experience leading her into real estate. “Our job was to salvage as much as we could for the bank. Sometimes it was just a matter of making sure the business was run right.”

The move to real estate came in part so Agner would not have to travel as much as she did in her other work.

“I loved doing turnaround, but then I didn’t love it and when you don’t love something it just becomes a job,” Agner said. “I didn’t want a job, I wanted a career. I enjoy coming to work every day now.”

Agner adds her best satisfaction comes in watching a client sign papers and realize that he or she is about to take ownership of something they never thought possible before, their own home.   

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer and may be reached at 662-429-6397 ext. 240.

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