Happy Ice Cream

Happy Ice Cream has over 40 different homemade popsicle flavors, each with unique recipes. 


The moment you walk into Happy Ice Cream, the first thing to catch your eye is the lineup of colorful popsicles and buckets of ice cream. Next, it’s the faces of the people behind the counter grinning at you from behind their masks. 

Pedro Cisneros and Manuel Medina celebrated the grand opening of their new ice cream shop in Olive Branch on Saturday. With a menu full of classics like the banana split, and house specials like the Mangonada, Cisneros said Happy Ice Cream will have something for everyone. 

Cisneros and his wife, Yaselin, knew they wanted to open an ice cream shop, but they really had no clue where to start. The pair traveled to California from their home in Jackson, Tennessee, to learn more about the steps they should take to open their business, which is where they met Medina. 

Medina, who is from DeSoto County, discussed his plans to open an ice cream shop in his hometown with Pedro and Yaselin. Now, just a couple of months later, Happy Ice Cream opened its doors.

“It’s been hard for us with our first business,” Cisneros said. “We’re very excited, though, and we hope this works for the community.”

In contrast to other chain ice cream restaurants that use concentrates and water bases, Cisneros said that the ice cream they make is milk-based, and everything is made in-house. Each of the 40 different popsicle flavors are made with fresh fruits, milk and other ingredients. 

“We decided we want to make something different,” Cisneros said. He said that all the recipes for their ice cream come straight from Mexico. 

One of the most unique menu items is the Mangonada. The sweet and spicy treat is made with mango ice cream, lime juice, a little bit of Tajín seasoning and plenty of chamoy sauce. This recipe is special to Happy Ice Cream. 

Cisneros said that, though he and Medina are overwhelmed with the challenges ahead, they’re excited to get started and bring great ice cream to Olive Branch. 

“I think we finally found the right spot,” Cisneros said.

Happy Ice Cream is now open at 5025 Church Rd Suite 125 in Olive Branch. 

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