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Julie Parker, LPC, MHSP, is the owner and a counselor for Counseling Associates of Olive Branch, which recently moved from its Crumpler Blvd. office to a new location at 7155 Kerr Place in the city’s Old Towne.

In the world we live in, many times stress, pressures and conflict may become amplified and weigh us down to the point that we need help to sort out our lives and what is going on.

A service that has been in Olive Branch recently moved its offices to a new home in Old Towne. Counseling Associates, LLC, owned by Julie Parker, LPC, is now located at 7155 Kerr Place, off Highway 178.

"We do individual, family and couples counseling,” Parker said. “We also have a couple of therapists who do support groups and therapy groups. I run a support group for people with chronic illnesses. We also offer medical grade supplements for sale.”

Today’s society places a greater level of stress on people dealing with demands from people, co-workers, work supervisors, spouses and family and Parker said demand for her services is strong.

“I stay booked up any where from two weeks to a month out, which is one of the reasons why I started looking for other counselors and professionals that I trusted,” Parker said. “I’ve been able to keep them as busy as they want to be. We can still get people in within a week or two for an appointment but there is growing demand for counseling services.”

A team of counselors who are trained to find answers to help others lead a better life assists Parker.

Today’s technology-connected world doesn’t necessarily mean people feel a real connection. Parker points out there is a long list of reasons that come together and create a greater need for people.

“One of them is the stress that individuals and families are under,” Parker noted. “People are more isolated; they’re stressed out and over scheduled. One thing I find with my clients is that they feel pressured to do more because they have access to more. It’s hard to set boundaries. I do a lot of teaching people to set boundaries. There’s an onslaught of information and pressure on our time.”

How people find Counseling Associates comes down to basically two things: word of mouth and the insurance program clients are covered under.

“We, as a group, take most insurances, so many times people will find us when they go to their insurance and look for who is available,” Parker said. “Another thing we have found is that people like to stay close to home. That’s another reason that I initially opened here in Olive Branch because all of the people who were here right in town that might be willing to come here instead of driving elsewhere.”

Parker, who is also certified as an anger management specialist, works with all age groups and has more than 20 years experience in the field.

She said once the reason for a client coming to see her is clarified, a multifaceted approach is then used to find answers and a resolution.

Counseling Associates, LLC is located at 7155 Kerr Place in Olive Branch, at the corner of Kerr Place and Highway 178. The office may be reached through the website, counselingassociates.info or by phone at 901-497-6827. Search for Counseling Associates, LLC on Facebook and also on Instagram for more information, as well.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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