Lakisha Johnson

Lakisha Johnson of Olive Branch is an published author who also provides speaking services along with a career as a business analyst with FedEx.

Lakisha Johnson keeps a busy daily schedule, both in the business world, and as a minister, all while following her passion to write as an independent author and blogger.

“Since I also work in the corporate field, my day consists of getting up, morning prayer, typical morning duties and writing my daily devotional.” Johnson said. “Then it’s work as a Business Systems Analyst at FedEx and afterwards, home, dinner, a few hours writing, some TV, shower, bed and wake up to do it all over again!”

The hectic schedule seems to be fine for Johnson, who became a published author in 2012 and today has had several of her works reach the Top 20 sellers on Amazon.

That’s one place where you can find the books that the Memphis native who now lives in Olive Branch has written over the past six years, including some she has written with her twin sister Laquisha Rucker.

They are also on sale through her own website,

“I never had any intentions on becoming a published author but I knew God had given me a gift to write,” Johnson said. “I also know that if I don’t use my talents, I could potentially lose them so I stepped out in faith and the rest is being written.”

Under the name Author Lakisha|Twins Write 2 Publishing, Johnson is a one-woman company, “creating pieces of art on paper through my words,” she said.

As a fictional writer, Johnson’s titles will quickly grab the reader into being placed in situations aimed to keep them reading to the end. Some of her titles include “Chased,” “The Marriage Bed,” “Bible Chicks,” and “Dear God, Hear My Prayer.”

Johnson blogs a daily devotional that is found at where she encourages readers with her words and Biblical passages on different topics.

She also has written several devotional books, such as “Heroine Addict: A Woman’s Journal,” “Doses of Devotion,” and “You Only Live Once.”

“I’m just a girl from Memphis who enjoys learning and trying new things,” Johnson said. “I initially started out with just a blog, Kisha’s Daily Devotional, and every day I would get messages from people who were inspired by me and what I had to share. It was that encouragement that pushed me to go further and because I did, I became the first published author (that I know of) in my family.”

Today, Johnson enjoys expressing herself through her works and being a role model for others.

“That inspires me because I want to do things that instills hope into somebody else,” she said. “I am also inspired to to leave a legacy for my children’s children; one that inspires them to work just a little bit harder to leave one for the next generation.”

In the world of writing, Johnson said she sees the rise of electronic media being more impactful on her career and the marketing of her books.

”With the introduction of being able to read without holding a physical book, the demand for writers of great stories is at an all-time high,” said Johnson. “The trend I see on the horizon is for audiobooks.”

She also wants to open a bookstore within the next five years that will feature books from independent authors in particular.

While her work is something that can be done anywhere, Johnson enjoys writing and being in DeSoto County.

“The small town feel you get while being in the midst of a big city,” Johnson explains about Olive Branch. “I absolutely love this about the city.”

For others who may want to follow Johnson’s path, she suggests doing the homework before diving in.

“Do your research, have the time and money to do it and surround yourself with people who can genuinely help you attain your goals,” Johnson said. “Do not despise small beginnings.”

For more information on Lakisha Johnson and her writings, visit

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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