Cloud Nine Massage

Misty Clemons-McGregory owns and operates Cloud Nine Massage in Southaven. Clemons-McGregory has operated the massage spa since August 2018 and recently moved to a new location on Swinnea Ridge, off Swinnea Road.

Misty Clemons-McGregory wants to help you feel like you are on “Cloud Nine.”

That is why Clemons-McGregory opened up Cloud Nine Massage in Southaven.

Cloud Nine Massage has been in business for a little over a year, having opened in August 2018. Clemons-McGregory added her current location is a larger space than where she was to open her business last year.

“I moved into a larger location due to demand in such a short time of owning my own business and having to add additional team members and another massage therapist,” Clemons-McGregory said.

Cloud Nine Massage strives to be on top of the latest trends in massage therapy.

“Hot stone massage is big right now, including Thai massages, couples massages, ashiatsu massage,” said Clemons-McGregory. “My flow and using hot steam towels coupled with free aromatherapy in every session is what we provide. Customer service is my top priority.”

Cloud Nine Massage looks to continue growing and providing top-line massage therapy to more people.

“Although this industry is a seemingly popular field, attention to detail sets you apart,” Clemons-McGregory said. “I foresee being a much larger company with multiple locations because of the standard I set. Our clients are treated as though they are the only one we have with each experience.”

She will see an average of 5-6 clients a day and balances her business time with being a wife and mother of two sons. Clemons-McGregory added her husband and children inspire her in her massage therapy business.

It was also dealing with her mother’s illness that spurred her toward getting prepared for what Clemons-McGregory does today.

“My education was interrupted when I was 19 due to my mom being ill,” Clemons-McGregory said. “After her death, I was determined to finish my dream so I enrolled in school at Concorde and decided I was going to own my own spa,” adding her mother remains an inspiration today.

It’s very important, Misty said, for her to be providing her service in Southaven.

“This is my home and I am passionate about taking care of my people in my community and the surrounding cities,” Clemons-McGregory said. “Everyone is welcoming and friendly.”

A massage does a lot for a person’s body and well-being.

“Massages are therapeutic and stress relieving,” Clemons-McGregory explained. “A one hour massage restores six – seven hours of sleep.”

She is also aware that how she approaches what she does will aid her business growth.

“You have a reputation to uphold, people are always watching and you have to stay professional at all times,” she said.

For more information about Cloud Nine Massage, call 662-313-4544. Cloud Nine Massage is located at 7105 Swinnea Ridge in Southaven.

Bob Bakken is Managing Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune.