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City government and business leaders, along with corporate officials, broke ground on the nee Citizens National Bank facility to be built at the corner of Craft and Goodman roads in Olive Branch. It will be third location of the 131-year-old bank in DeSoto County.  

A financial institution with more than a century of service to Mississippi is embarking on another location in DeSoto County.

Government and business leaders joined officials with Citizens National Bank, based in Meridian, in breaking ground on a new branch office in Olive Branch.

The bank branch, the third in DeSoto County and second in Olive Branch, will be located at the corner of Craft and Goodman roads, in front of Christ Presbyterian Church.

Citizen National Bank, which has been in existence for 131 years, also has DeSoto County branch offices on Hacks Cross Road in Olive Branch and on Airways Blvd. in Southaven.

“Citizens National Bank is a 131-year-old bank with about $1.4 billion in assets,” said Citizens CEO Archie McDonnell. “This will make our 27th branch location to add to our other branch in Olive Branch and our sizable location in Southaven. We wanted something that was easy to get in and out of and convenient to our customers and somewhere halfway between our other two locations.”

Addison Lawrence is the Market President for Citizens National Bank in DeSoto County and feels the location will be advantageous to the financial institution.

“Being here on Craft and Goodman provides great visibility and it is almost exactly halfway between our other two locations,” Lawrence said. “We felt like it would help us better serve DeSoto County.”

McDonnell said ease of convenience in getting in and out for bank customers to do their business was important in placing the new Olive Branch facility where it will be located.

“We think we found the perfect spot and we’re excited to be here and get it open,” said McDonnell. “It will be a state-of-the-art, brand new facility.”

McDonnell also noted that when today’s banking customer actually enters a bank, it’s for an important reason, so he wants his employees to be mindful of that.

“People come into a bank less and when they do come in it’s usually around some life event,” he said. “We want to be prepared for that because we have all of the electronic banking services and that’s how people bank today. When they do come in, the person sitting down with one of our people is in an important event and we want them to feel comfortable.”

With the growing presence in DeSoto County, McDonnell said Citizens National has enjoyed a good working relationship with the communities its branches are located in.

“Everybody in Olive Branch, and Southaven for that matter, has been pro-business, receptive, easy to work with, and that just makes it that much easier,” said McDonnell.

The building, estimated at about 2,700-2,800 square feet in size, is expected to be open sometime in October.

Bob Bakken is Managing Editor for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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