Stateline Business Park

The Stateline Business Park will be home to a new distribution center, as Henry Schein Animal Health recently announced a 50,000 square foot facility will start operations in the Southaven location this month, company officials report.

Bob Bakken|DTT

A Southaven distribution center is about to welcome a new addition to its facility. 

Stateline Business Park in Southaven will be the new location for a 50,000 square foot privately-owned warehousing and distribution center for Henry Schein Animal Health.

Company officials estimate an additional 27 jobs will come to DeSoto County with the new facility.

“North Mississippi’s well-integrated transportation network and ease-of-access to major interstates and highways provide numerous advantages to companies with distribution needs like Henry Schein, allowing them to efficiently meet consumer demand and compete successfully worldwide,” Governor Phil Bryant said in a news release announcing the Henry Schein’s addition in Southaven.

Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance through the Jobs Tax Credit program. DeSoto County is providing ad valorem and Free Port Warehouse tax exemptions. Henry Schein Animal Health was set to begin operations in Southaven this month.

“The opening of our new distribution center is the result of a great amount of planning and collaboration with the Mississippi Development Authority, and it will greatly enhance our ability to fulfill our mission to provide the best customer experience possible,” said Fran Dirksmeier, President, Henry Schein Animal Health, North America. “Henry Schein Animal Health is committed to being the total solutions provider for veterinary professionals, and we look forward to counting ourselves as proud members of the Southaven business community.”

MDA Executive Director Glenn McCullough Jr. added his thanks to DeSoto County government leaders and the DeSoto County Economic Development County for their work with MDA in assisting in the attraction of Henry Schein to the county.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer and may be reached at 662-429-6397 ext. 240.

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