Melissa Cookston

Melissa Cookston, considered the Winningest Woman in BBQ, is teaming up with Prairie Fresh as a brand ambassador. Cookston is owner of Memphis BBQ Company and Steak by Melissa restaurants in DeSoto County.

Melissa Cookston, the Winningest Woman in BBQ, is teaming up with Prairie Fresh, for a smokin' partnership highlighting both Cookston and Prairie Fresh's commitment to quality and championship flavor. Cookston will serve as brand ambassador for Prairie Fresh while using Prairie Fresh pork products in competitions as well as serving Prairie Fresh pork products in her successful multi-location BBQ restaurant, Memphis BBQ Company.

"Prairie Fresh and I share a lot of the same values, so this partnership works well on many different levels. I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with a brand of such high caliber," said Melissa Cookston, the winningest woman in BBQ, seven-time world BBQ champion and owner of Memphis BBQ Company. "I'm excited to be partnering with a company that is serious about quality and responsible farming. I look forward to competing with Prairie Fresh pork products as well as serving Prairie Fresh pork products at Memphis BBQ Company restaurant locations."

Cookston has won countless BBQ competitions over the years including taking top honors twice and winning the whole hog category five times at the world-famous Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. The Barbecue Hall of Fame inductee owns and operates Memphis BBQ Company, a successful BBQ restaurant with locations in Horn Lake and Dunwoody, Georgia as well as Steak by Melissa, a steakhouse in Southaven.

Having written two cookbooks, "Smokin’ in the Boys Room" and "Smokin' Hot in the South," Cookston is a celebrated BBQ personality and has appeared on multiple national television programs and networks including Food Network, CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox. Cookston is a well-known personality, food experience traveler and influencer on her social media channels where her large network of fans enjoy her posts sharing common and unique food preparations, cooking tips and food travels.

"This partnership with Melissa was such an easy fit for Prairie Fresh as the brand strives for excellence every day in the same way Melissa strives for excellence whether she is competing, serving her loyal restaurant clientele or sharing her food experiences on social media," said Kevin Smith, vice president of sales and marketing for the Prairie Fresh brand. "Melissa has a wealth of knowledge about preparing pork and we're looking forward to her sharing some great tips and recipes using Prairie Fresh pork that the backyard griller to the busy mom can use."

As an American-owned pork producer, Prairie Fresh controls every step of the process from farms to processing guaranteeing a supply of safe, wholesome pork that aligns with today's consumers demand for unique flavors and tender cuts. With shared consumer values of transparency and sustainability, Prairie Fresh offers quality, goodness and innovation that can only come from a connected food system with an ongoing effort to achieve pork perfection.

Prairie Fresh offers three fresh, premium pork product lines to cater to different lifestyles, priorities and cooking preferences.

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