Jean Priest

Jean Priest

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Jean Priest of J Priest Solutions Retirement & Insurance in Olive Branch has achieved a National Social Security Advisors (NSSA) certificate from the National Social Security Association, LLC in Cincinnati.

The NSSA certificate promotes advanced Social Security education providing Priest with the knowledge to counsel clients on the best way to claim Social Security benefits in order to optimize lifetime Social Security income.

Priest is an independent advisor consulting clients who are preparing to enter the retirement years. Utilizing safe financial strategies, income planning, and Medicare and Medicare gap solutions, she strives to meet each client’s differing needs.

“Everyone is unique,” Priest said. “That is why we work for the client, not the insurance company, allowing us to provide the best fit for retirement and healthcare for our baby boomers. Our agency helps with two of our client’s greatest fears: the rising cost of health care, including prescriptions, and outliving their hard-earned money.”

The NSSA certificate program includes one day of training and prepares professional advisors for the myriad of questions that their clients are asking. Also, with this training, advisors can guide their clients through the many Social Security options that are available. NSSA advisors are uniquely qualified to help the growing numbers of baby boomers. The program is the gold standard in Social Security certification and training in the nation.

The National Social Security Advisors certificate program was created by CPA Marc Kiner and Jim Blair, a 35-year veteran of the Social Security Association.

“For more and more people, Social Security is going to provide an important part of their retirement income,” said Blair. “NSSA advisors are passionate about helping retirees optimize their benefits over the rest of their lives."

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