Chip Morgan, Iron Mountain

Chip Morgan (right), local manager of the Iron Mountain Inc. Southaven location, explains his company’s data management services at a recent Shredding Day event held by the Southaven Chamber of Commerce. With him are company employees Robert Hurst and Corey Johnson. 

Bob Bakken|DTT

Businesses, and all of us for that matter, have to deal in this information-dependent society we are part of today in our records and data and how to best protect and dispose of it all when it is time to jettison it all from our lives. 

Enter Iron Mountain Inc., a U.S.-based information management services company that has an office and center in Southaven at 440 Stateline Road East.

“We are the leader in off-site records and information management,” said Southaven location manager Chip Morgan. “We store peoples’ documents and keep them safe and secure at all times. We also offer secure shredding, whether that be on their site with our mobile shredding unit, or off site, where we bring them back to our office and have them shred it through our standard work flow.”

A native of North Carolina, Morgan has lived in Southaven over the past five years, overseeing the operations of the local branch for the company that has its roots to the Keystone State.

“It’s been over 70 years that we have been in business,” Morgan said. “It started as a document storage company in an old mine in Pennsylvania and it’s just blossomed through acquisitions and growth. We are now a global organization with more than 360 locations in North America.”

Morgan first came to the company thinking he was going to be helping people enjoy a bike ride on an open trail, not opening trails to safer data storage and disposal.

“I was a courier, started right off the street right out of college and thought I was going to be building mountain bikes because it was in the newspaper,” Morgan said. “I’ve been here ever since I started with Iron Mountain in North Carolina 16 years ago.”

But Morgan said he is happy to now be part of the DeSoto County community.

“I love Southaven, it’s kind of like the hometown I grew up in North Carolina,” Morgan explained. “It feels like it is up-and-coming. The schools are great, I’ve got two kids both in middle school, the cost of living is great and it reminds me of where I grew up in North Carolina.”

On the data management side, Morgan said customers can have their documents taken to the Iron Mountain center on Stateline Road East, have them scanned and then stored, or redelivered back in a form of the customer’s choosing.

Morgan said secure shredding of items no longer needed is a process everyone should consider.

“Everybody needs to shred,” said Morgan. “Everybody has something that they need to shred, whether it be old documents or their old IT assets.”

Morgan adds the process of having Iron Mountain work for them is quite simple.

“It’s very easy and convenient to use our services,” Morgan said. “We have an Iron Mountain Connect online system, which is basically like shopping on Amazon, if you need to shop for services ala carte or if you need to put in a request, all of that can be found online, or we can assist here locally.”

The business for Iron Mountain has gone well, but Morgan knows there is potential for more companies to use their services.

“Every business that I go in, I ride along with every Southaven route we go on and I’ll see three or four more that we are not doing shredding services or any services for,” Morgan noted. “There’s real opportunity for growth within the DeSoto County area.”

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer and may be reached at 662-429-6397 ext. 240.

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