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Callie Vance is the owner of The CBD Store, a health store that specifically sells products containing cannabinoids or CBD. Her Southaven store has been open for six weeks and plans are to open a second location on Memphis’ Poplar Avenue within the next month.

It is the first health-related store of its type in the Mid-South and has opened up within the last six weeks at 1076 Goodman Road East in Southaven. 

However, owner Callie Vance said it won’t be the only store in the Mid-South, as she plans to open a second The CBD Store on Poplar Avenue in Memphis within the next month.  

The store offers products containing cannabinoid, commonly referred to as CBD.

Cannabinoids, according to its supporters, is a growing alternative in treating ailments, ranging from pain management to anxiety, depression, insomnia, seizures, even some cancers and diabetes.

One specific cannabinoid, cannabidiol, has been deemed safe in certain doses by the Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization. It has been approved for use in certain medicines that treat specific epilepsy conditions and the side effects caused by some cancer therapies.

“We have topical pain cream to be used for pain, digestive issues, pretty much everything from pain to anxiety because all of that stems from inflammation,” Vance said. “Our customers are seeing all of those things.”

Products Vance offers also include water solubles, Gummy tablets, gel caps and CBD oil for pets, all containing the substance. She is the exclusive retailer for SunMed CBD Hemp Oil products, a company based in Tampa, Florida.

As a natural health product, CBD products are also made as a skin care and beauty product.  

“We have a moisturizing lotion and a collagen cream for anti-aging and then bath and lip products.,” she said.

CBD attacks the body’s inflammation, which Vance said is a cause for many of the issues her products address.

Her involvement in CBD started through a personal experience and what she was seeing elsewhere.  

“I started using it for anxiety because I was on anxiety medication,” Vance said. “A friend started using it because she had Crohn's disease and she was telling me all of its benefits, so I tried it and it really worked for me. It’s an organic and natural product so I opened the store so others could benefit from it.” 

Many people purchase products such as this directly from websites, but Vance felt it was important to open a storefront so customers could have their questions about CBD answered.

“Most of our customers tell us they feel more comfortable coming into a store and being able to look at the products, ask us questions and stuff like that,” Vance said. “I prefer to buy stuff in a store and so do a lot of other people.”

Just in recent years has the term CBD and discussion of its benefits become more open and Vance said there is some research to support its benefits for mental health, pain management and general health. At the same time, Vance admits the stigma against the compound has limited that research.    

“The plant has been here for thousands of years,” Vance explained. “Just here in the last few years has it become more mainstream and popular.”

She points out that CBD is not connected to marijuana and CBD is a legal product.

“This is industrial hemp and there is very little to no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in it,” Vance said. “That’s why it is legal. CBD is not from marijuana, it is from industrial hemp. There is no psychoactive effect from THC.”

The response to the store’s opening has been good and caused the soon-to-be open Poplar Avenue location to become a reality.  

“We have a ton of testimonies,” said Vance. “Customers come up here all of the time saying they are having a lot of success. A lot of our customers are repeat customers and they say it’s been doing really well for them.”  

For more information, the CBD Store phone number is 662-470-6497.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.  

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