Abshure, Angela Leah, DUI, careless driving, receiving stolen property-felony. $5,000

Allen, Ronald Chet, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $5,000

Amsden, Christopher Austin, poss. of cont. sub.-felony,  burglary, tools-felony, carrying concealed weapon, poss. of weapon by felon, $40,000

Arnold, Bernard, false pretense-felony, $25,000

Atwater, Clarence Victor, felony poss. of cont. sub., $0

Augustus, Aneatra Latrice, bad check, $2,000

Bailey, Terry Trecurtis, felony poss. of cont. sub., $5,000

Baker, Natalie Colette, VOP-supervised post release supervision/controlled substance w/in facility, $0

Banton, Scott Austin, no license, $0

Barnes, Larnel Avery, domestic violence, disturbing peace/family, $250

Bass, Floyd Lester, DUI, speeding, $500

Batts, Jarrick Marchal, public drunk $250

Black, Phaebian Dejuan, contempt x2, $2,500

Bradley, Devonaire Deandrea , contempt x2, possess, receive, obtain stolen firearm, $0

Brooks, Dacari Quentin, DUI, disorderly conduct in business, $j0

Brooks, Joshua Len, contempt, false identifying info, $2,250

 Buford Jr., James C., expired tag, no license, fugitive, $1,500

Buford, Yolanda Tarvette, fugitive, $0

Byrd, Gianni, conspiracy to commit crime, contributing to deliq. of minor, $750

Carlisle, Kristen Nicole, paraphernalia, violation of probation, poss. of cont. sub., poss. of weapon by felon, $5,000

Carter II, Henry Lee, DUI-2nd, $0

Chambers, Austin Cole, domestic assault-felony, $10,000

Clark, Ronnie, contempt, home repair fraud, $0

Cline, Alex Lashawn, DUI-2nd, $0

Cockrell, Heather Hankins, contempt, $5,000

Cole Jr., Bruce, paraphernalia, felony poss. of cont. sub., $5,500

Collins, Georges, contempt, $0

Cooke, Christy Lynn, contempt, transfer/obtain marijuana, $0

Cordell, Colin Duncan, contempt, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $2,500

Cothern, Dillon Wayne, burglary, $3,500

Craddock, Matthew Anderson, domestic assault, physical fear, $250

Crutchfield, Anthony Allen, contempt, sale of cont. sub. near school, $0

Curtis, Michael, DUI-2nd, $0

Daniel, Timothy Lavelle, contempt, shoplifting, $643.50

Davis II, James Edward, accessory before/after the fact, $150,000

Davis, Benjamin Lee, poss. of cont. sub., $5,000

Davis, Damian Darnell, contempt, $500

Davis, Justin Jarred, paraphernalia, $500

Davis, Kathy Mauk, contempt, poss. of methamphetamine,  $0

Davis, Tricia Louise, contempt x2, $6,500

Dooley, Quincy Cortez, conspiracy to commit larceny, grand larceny, $0

Edlemon, Phillip Michael, contempt, probation violation, $0

Ellis, Jon Eugene, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $5,000

Ferguson, Orlanda Antwon, marijuana poss., $500

Fisher, Jeffrey Coleman, DUI, littering, $750

Flowers, Jakarius Jaciel, contempt, $1,000

Floyd, Beosha Cachet, contempt, $5,000

Floyd, Deondis Kirby, public drunk, $250

Forrester, Larry Earl, poss. of cont. sub., no license, DUI, careless driving, $3,000

Fullerton, Robin Denise, shoplifting, $500

Gamble, Aaron Wayne, poss. of cont. sub., possession of weapon by felon-felony, $15,000

Gandy, Justin Colby, contempt, paraphernalia, receiving stolen property-felony, $6,000

Gibson, Bethany Denise, contempt, $2,000

Haga, Amanda Michelle, burglary (dwelling house)-felony, burglary-commerical-felony, $120,000

Hale, Booker T., contempt-5th offense, probation violation, $0

Hamilton, Stephanie Denise, expired tag, paraphernalia, no license, $0

Hamm, Brandon Wayne, contempt, $200

Haney, Kathryn Mari, DUI-2nd, $0

Harpole, James Edward, enticement of a child to meet for sexual purposes, $0

Harris, Alfred, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault, $0

Harrison, Nikyler Royale, contempt, $2,500

Hawkins, Unterio Deshawn, domestic violence, disturbing peace-family, $250

Herring, Mildred Ann, contempt, driving with one headlight, $5,000

Herrod, Lavonne Shea, contempt, $1,000

Holly Jr., William Whitfield, contempt, poss. of methamphetamine with firearm, $0

Holmes, Ashley Lanette, contempt, no license, careless driving, $5,250

Howell, Kristian Kaye, poss. of paraphernalia, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, DUI, driving on wrong side of road, $6,200

Hunt, Laquita Shawnita, contempt x2, $1,200

Jackson, Jadian Rashad, contempt, retailiation against a public servant, sale of marijuana, $0

Jackson, Torencio Cortez, contempt, paraphernalia, no license, no insurance, $1,615

James, Edward Lee, failure to comply w/provisions of non-adjudication order/poss. of cont. sub., $0

Jimenez, Juan Ricardo, public drunk, $250

Johnson, Alphonso, DUI, careless driving, improper equip., $2,500

Johnson, Christina Monique, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $500

Johnson, Jermarcus Desh, felony poss. of cont. sub., $0

Jourdan, Althea Paige, contempt, $268.75

Justice, Peyton Tyler, grand larceny from building, $1,000

Keeling, James Tilman, contempt, $0

Kelly, Mark Austin, murder, $0

Kelly, Zavian Tyrese, contempt, switched tag, marijuana, no license, no insurance, $2,000

Kennedy Sr., Marterrius Corvell, contempt x2, false identifying info, $5,000

Kimber, Myrone Dewyone, contempt, $500

Dyles, Thyara Renea, contempt, $56,000

Lafayette, Benzell Devontay, shoplifting, $500

Lafayette, Chandrelle Jontae, shoplifting, $500

Lewis, Damien Devante, contempt, $393.50

Maclin, Purvis Lewis, no license, $0

Mangrum, William Peten, contempt, unlawful taking of vehicle, $0

Manis III, Edward Gerald, paraphernalia, $500

Maples, Kordae, poss. of cont. sub., $0

Markle, Todd Donald, contempt, $2,500

Mathews, Jamil Hasani, switched, DUI, no insurance, improper equip., fugitive, $500

Matthews, Jermaine Irvin, contempt, $2,500

May, Montgomery Baylor, contempt, $500

McClain, Lakendric Lemmont, paraphernalia, careless driving, $500

McClure, Cody Ray, assault, domestic violence, $500

McCormich, Makenzie Leigh, paraphernalia, $500

McKamie, Kyle, poss. of cont. sub., $100,000

McNeil, Shawneece Tierra, DUI, $1,000

Meeks, Karissa Michele, contempt, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $8,000

Merriweather, Londrell Marquet, contempt-uttering forgery, $0

Mims, Joey Dandeauya, conspiracy to commit embezzlement, $25,000

Moore, Tanika L., shoplifting, $500

Moorehead, Terrell, simple assault, $0

Morgan, Jevon Demon, resisting arrest, $0

Moye, Shelia S., poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $1,000

Murphy, Alandria Symone, shoplifting-2nd offense, $750

Neal, Jody Ray, contempt, felon in poss. of weapon, $0

Nelson, Nathan Brian, DUI-2nd, $0

Noland, Derrick Demarcus, contempt, $5,000

Nunnery Jr., Garry, assault, domestic violence, $1,000

Nunnery-Millsbrooks, Shevedia Shanta, contempt, shoplifting, $6,000

Ocampo, Detrick Kelton, no license, careless driving, DUI, $1,000

O’Kelly, Nicholas Ray, no insurance, no brake lights, weapon by felon, $5,000

Ortiz, Noel, poss. of cont. sub. w/intent, $5,000

Ostrand Jr., Robert G., DUI-2nd, $0

Owens, Teresa Michelle, domestic disturbance-family, $500

Palmer, Christina Suzanne, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $5,000

Paulette, Altoni Brian, contempt, $500

Pittillo, Stephen Wayne, touching handling, $25,000

Regans, Charlene Michelle, contempt, seatbelt violation, $5,000

Renfroe, Jerney, contempt, $5,000

Richardson, Orlando Favion, contempt x2, no license, $250

Richmond, Timothy Antonio, contempt x3, $0

Rivera, Rufino Perez, contempt, shoplifting, $5,500

Robinson, Issac, manufacture and or sale of cont. sub., $0

Roby, Justin James, contempt x2, larceny theft of rental, sexual battery, child abuse, $0

Rose, Claudell Graves, contempt, $5,000

Rulmage, Timothy Ray, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $5,000

Rushing, David Keith, child pornography, $0

Salazar, Oscar Omar, contempt, $253.50

Scott, Kali Nichole, violated the terms of drug court, $0

Scott, Mecheo, contempt x2, DUI-3rd, $0

Sesson, Donald Wayne, contempt, $1,500

Sizemore-Teague, Karie Breanne, contempt x2, poss. of cont. sub. x2, shoplifting, false identifying info, contempt, $9,000

Smith, Craig David, paraphernalia $500

Smith, Michael Wade, contempt, $3,000

Spencer, Christopher, contempt, embezzlement, $3,000

Spencer, Rickey Rashawn, contempt, $5,000

Stella, Brandy Rachelle, switched tag, poss. of cont. sub. x2, no license, no insurance, driving w/o headlights, $6,000

Stokes, Jessie Lee, fugitive, $0

Story, Tamela Renea, contempt, $6,000

Street, James, no license, DUI-2nd, careless driving, no insurance, $1,500

Strickland, Carlethia, contempt, $1,500

Swain, Madison Paige, positive u/a, $0

Taffer, Kristopher Andrew, assault-physical fear, $2,000

Taylor, Miricole Aliya, shoplifting, $500

Terrell, Katelyn Romelle, failed u/a, contempt, $0

Thomas, Brandy, paraphernalia, $0

Thomas, Christopher Russell, burglary-dwelling-felony, burglary-commercial-felony, $30,000

Thomas, Justin Keshun, poss. of cont. sub., no license, no insurance, driving with one headlight, $5,000

Thomason, Trenston Neal, contempt, $0

Tittle, Jami Smith, contempt, $1,500

Todd, Denise Darby, failure to obey officer, DUI, reckless driving, $750

Towns, Christopher Marquis, contempt, $5,000

Tredway, Ashley Nicole, DUI-2nd, driving without headlights, $750

Tunstall, Latonya Scharvae, expired tag, fleeing $500

Waldrop, Larry, contempt, paraphernalia, driving when license expired x2, $764.25

Walker, Marlon Ray, paraphernalia, no license, no insurance, only one headlight, $750

Walker, Travious, contempt, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, fugitive, $6,000

Walsh, Christopher Andre, paraphernalia, DUI, driving in center lane, no insurance, $1,250

Warren, Douglas, abusive calls to emergency telephone services, $250

Watkins, James Edward, DUI-2nd, careless driving, $1,000

Webster, Andrew Lee, burglary-home invasion –felony, stalking, $20,000

West Jr., Eugene, domestic violence, disturbing peace, $250

Weston, Dario, DUI-2nd, $0

White, Maniyah Elease, contempt, $0

Wilbanks, Brendan Chandlar, contempt, $1,000

Williams Jr., Tarvis, fugitive, $0

Wright, Richard, poss. paraphernalia, $100

Yarbor, Brandon Nicolas, domestic violence, disturbing peace, $0

Young Jr., Williams, contempt, $500

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