Agnew, Tyesha Shavonne, no license, no insurance, improper equipment, $1,750

Allemond, Jordi Allen, paraphernalia, DUI, $1,500

Anderson, Ladedra Sade, shoplifting, $1,500

Appleton, John Winford, DUI, careless driving, $1,250

Applewhite-Hiers, Cullen Bryant, disturbing the peace, $500

Atteberry, James William III, simple assault, $2,222.22

Barbour, David Bradley, simple assault, no bond

Barron, Theodis Jr., no license, no insurance, careless driving, no bond

Bayman, Dontavious Deshun, contempt court, no bond

Baymon, Ellavonta, disturbing the peace, no bond

Becht, Diana Valerie, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $1,715

Beeson, Aaron Michael, DUI, no insurance, reckless driving, $500

Beverly, Ricardo Cortez Jr., no license, child endangerment x3, DUI, no insurance, failure to yield, careless driving, child restraint law x3, contempt court, $7,738

Blankenship, Wesley Ronald, contempt court, $10,000

Bhoanon, Shantega L., contempt court, no bond

Bolton, Brandon Montrell, contempt court, no bond

Brawner, Brian Kenneth Jr., embezzlement, no bond

Brewer, Terry Lynn, simple assault, $1,000

Brower, Dylan Brantley, conspiracy to commit crime, burglary, $50,000

Brown, Bridget Brendaell, disturbing the peace, $1,000

Bumpas, David Franklin Jr., poss. of cont. sub., no license, no insurance, driving w/o headlights, bad check, $1,750

Butler-Tate, Marquise Bion, DUI, no bond

Cardenas, Marco Antonio, paraphernalia, improper equipment, poss. of stolen firearm, poss. of weapon by felon, no bond

Carlisle, Dylan Scott, DUI, no insurance, reckless driving, disorderly conduct, $500

Cathey, Keith Arnett, no license, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, contempt court, $5,200

Colllins, Kenya Shurell, no license, no insurance, careless driving, improper equipment, child restraint law, $2,250

Crudup, Curtis Sr., improper tag, no license, DUI, $750

Dale, Christopher Jerome, DUI, $1,000

Davis, Calvin Lynn, DUI, $1,000

Davis, Elizabeth Anne, poss. of cont. sub., speeding, $2,445

Dennis, Marquaze DeAngelo, agg. assault, no bond

Dobson, Dallas Allen, contempt court, $2,000

Dodd, Alvin Lemar, open container, DUI, improper equipment, $1,850

Doyle, Karnesha Varshun, shoplifting, contempt court, $955.50

Ferguson, John Albritton, disturbing the peace, no bond

Fifer, Quantraylia Reshane, paraphernalia, $500

Flippo, Dezmond Alexander, burglary, public drunk, $50,250

Foote, Damarlin Shuntell, practice without license, $500

Franklin, Demarcus Dewayne Sr., fugitive, no bond

Gardner, Rodrick Dewayne Sr., poss. of marijuana, $500

Genovese, Robin Ray, public drunk, $500

Gilliam, Dkedreinane Reshard, no license, seatbelt violation, $750

Goff, Jackie Victor, contempt court, no bond

Gooden, Jakaele Arielle, paraphernalia, $500

Gordon, Timothy Antwan, conspiracy to commit crime, agg. assault, poss. of weapon by felon, $5,000

Gray, Clarence Jr., stolen property, no bond

Green, Anthony Dewayne Jr., contempt court, $5,000

Green, Frederick Jermal, contempt court, switched tag, no license, $8,405.75

Green, Pamela Marie, fugitive, false info to police, contempt court, $12,500

Greer, Michael Aaron, public drunk, $250

Gross, Carey James Sr., DUI, no insurance, careless driving, $2,250

Gullett, John Taylor III, contempt court, no license, improper lighting, false info to police, $5,500

Gunn, Richard Lee Jr., harassing phone calls, no bond

Hargrow, Leontae Cortez, paraphernalia, DUI, no insurance, reckless driving, $1,000

Harris, Alvin Clifford, public drunk, $250

Haywood, Barbara Jean, DUI, speeding, $1,425

Hector, Brenda Joyce, abuse of vulnerable adult, exploit of vulnerable adult, $25,000

Henry, William Clarence, shoplifting, $500

Herl, Amanda Renee, poss. of cont. sub., $10,000

Hitchcock, Michael James, DUI, careless driving, move over law, $1,600

Holladay, Jonathan Wynwerd, DUI, $1,000

Holloway, Tedquarence Cortez, DUI, reckless driving, $500

Honorable, Joaquin Marquan, no license, poss. of stolen property, $10,250

Houck, Sonia Marie, contempt court x2, $1,750

Houston, Asmar Latefe, violation of probation, no bond

Hudspeth, Timothy Wayne, paraphernalia, $500

Hunt, Antonio Ramone, transient vender w/o license, contempt court, $1,500

Huntress, Timothy Dalton, DUI, no insurance, $750

Ingram, Tiffany Tawan, contempt court, $2,500

Jackson, Demetra Shantrail, contempt court, disorderly conduct, false ID, $1,200

James, Marquita Lashay, paraphernalia, DUI, no tag light, $1,000

Jones, Carnell Sr., public drunk, $250

Jones, Jefferson Romalis, contempt court x2, $2,000

Jones, Michael Lynn, DUI, careless driving, $1,300

Jones, Timetrice Tijuanna, contempt court, paraphernalia, no bond

Juma, Shoaib Ali, DUI, no bond

Kaminski, Nancy Quanah, public drunk, $250

Kelly, Kenneth Ray, contempt court x2, no license, no bond

Larry, Jamie Derrell, DUI, careless driving, $1,250

Leech, Thomas Joseph IV, no tag, DUI, careless driving, $500

Lewis, Ladaryreius Lemont, improper tag, no license, $1,000

Lucas, James Corey, violation of supervision, contempt court, $2,000

Lyles, Johnathan Robert, poss. of cont. sub., $5,000

Mabry, Christopher Lee, paraphernalia, careless driving, $750

Maceachern, David Alan, harassing phone calls, $500

Malone, Nathaniel Marrell Jr., contempt court, no bond

Manning, Thomas Craig, no license, improper equipment, $750

Martinez, Bulmaro Bolanos, DUI, no bond

Mayes, Kyara Dominique, embezzlement, no bond

McCord, Carl Justin, no license, contempt court, $8,000

McLaurin, Leon Williams, paraphernalia, $500

McNeal, Darrell Rene Jr., sale of marijuana, no bond

Medlock, Robert Earl, contempt court, $3,000

Millbrooks, Terry Anthony, paraphernalia x2, no license, DUI, no insurance, improper equipment, $3,750

Munoz Oropeza, Daniel Enrique, no license, DUI, careless driving, $500

Najjar, Daoud Sudki, no tag, no license, no insurance, $2,000

Oliveria, Alvin Manuel, simple assault, $1,000

Owens, Kamichael Kantrel, contempt court, no insurance, $5,150

Parrish, Alfonso W., no license, petit larceny, $2,500

Partee, Cortimthony Leonartiez, disorderly conduct, $250

Patterson, Marcus Deshawn, fugitive, no bond

Patterson, Raven Symone, no license, improper equipment, $750

Paul, William Chase, sexual battery, $10,000

Pettigrew, Steven Fitzpatrick, DUI, no insurance, $2,000

Piccolin, Devin Nathanial, transient vendor w/o license, $500

Pipes, Rodney Williams, no tag, no license, no insurance, $2,000

Podschun, Daniel Austin, disturbing the peace, no bond

Pollard, Johnny, contempt court, $3,500

Porterfield, Richard Walder, DUI, $1,000

Price, Courtney Cartaze, no license, no insurance, $1,500

Price, Vera Ann, open container, DUI, no insurance, resisting arrest, $3,700

Pruitt, Angela Kanesa, disorderly conduct, domestic violence, $2,000

Ragland, James Aaron, DUI, improper equipment, obstructing public street, burglary, disorderly conduct, $6,000

Ramos, Darren Allen, contempt court, violation of probation, $9,500

Ramos, George David, handicapped parking, DUI, no insurance, contempt court, $500

Ranchod, Jignesh Bhagu, public drunk, $250

Reed, Antwan Chane Jr., contempt court, $5,000

Reed, Christopher Michael, violation of probation, $2,500

Rhea, Ginger Kay, domestic violence, $1,500

Robinson, Nehemiah Jacob, poss. of stolen firearm, $25,000

Rodriquez, Justo Velazquez, contempt court x2, no license, x2, no insurance, no bond

Rogers, Lorenzo Martreze, contempt court, $4,000

Russell, Christopher Trae, contempt court, false ID, violation of probation, $2,500

Sanford, Trent Austin, paraphernalia, $500

Scott, Tiffany Michelle, shoplifting, no bond

Sharp, Dan Vo, open container, poss. of cont. sub. x2, DUI, improper equipment, $3,850

Shaw, Robert, DUI, no bond

Shuler-Moore, Britney Rena, paraphernalia, no license, no insurance, careless driving, running red light, $1,690

Simpson, Ward Joseph, poss. of marijuana, improper equipment, no bond

Smith, Carzell Wayne, contempt court, simple assault, resisting arrest, no bond

Smith, Teresa Ross, simple assault, no bond

Soto, Rodolfo, contempt court, $6,000

Southard, William Jeffrey, DUI, no bond

Southwick, Scott Elliot, practice without license, $500

Stewart, Jamuel Terrell, sale of cont. sub., no bond

Strickland, Lorie Denise, public drunk, $250

Taylor, Jeffery Blake Sr., contempt court, $2,000

Taylor, Rodney Adam, no license, no insurance, $1,150

Todd, casey Duane, no tag, no license, no insurance, contempt court, $1,597

Townsend, James Weyman, public drunk, $250

Tubbs, Danny O’Neal, contempt court x3, $15,000

Turner, McKinley Jay, public drunk, $250

Venegas-Lira, Christian Mario, no tag, no license, no insurance, $1,750

Walker, Laura Ashley, grand larceny, $20,000

Walker, Wanda Lee, contempt court, $9,000

Walls, Keatron Lashuan, agg. assault x4, shooting into dwelling, $250,000

Ware, Lakyshea Monae, no license, no insurance, no tag light, child restraint law, $1,000

White, Richard Allan II, poss. of cont. sub., $500

White, Richard Vernon, DUI, no insurance, careless driving, driving w/o headlights, $1,000

Williams, Kerrien Ramsey, poss. of cont. sub. x2, $15,000

Williams, Shane, violation of order, $2,500

Williams, Tameka Denise, contempt court, $4,000

Wilson, Carl, false pretenses, no bond

Winchester, Bradley Eugene, open container, public drunk, $1,000

Winston, Ryan Chenard Sr., failure to register as sex offender, no bond

Woods, Jewelle Sierra, no license, improper equipment, $250

Young, Ryan Scott, contempt court, fugitive, no bond

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