Acuff, Courtney Shea, conspiracy to commit uttering forgery, uttering forgery, $3,500

Adams, April Dawn, contributing to delinquency of minor, $3,500

Adams, Edgar Earl, contempt, $5,000

Anderson, Samantha Lucille, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, $5,000

Annestedt, Lori Ann, paraphernalia, $1,500

Armsistead, Anna Faith, contempt, $5,000

Austin, Dylan Douglas, contempt, $5,000

Barnes, Dartavius Lantrell, paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, $750

Bates, Amber Renee, fugitive, $0

Baxter, Georey Christopher, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, improper equip., contributing to delinquency of minor or neglect, $1,500

Bell Sr., William Joseph, violation of post release supervision, $0

Bell, Deuntee Javon, disorderly conduct, $250

Bell, Gregory James, shoplifting, $2,000

Betts, Kioko Kenyotta, contempt-felony, DUI 4th, $0

Bishop Jr., Edward Kardell, disorderly conduct, $250

Bowen, Toriano, fugitive, $0

Bradley, Cortney Dashawn, paraphernalia, on license, reckless driving, $1,000

Brown, Mitchell Bernard, aggravated assault, $10,000

Buford, Floyd Dajarius, contempt, no tag, no license, no insurance, $250

Burns, Zachary Kevin, paraphernalia, $500

Busby, Kimberly Leigh, domestic assault, $1,000

Callaway, Marcellouis Deangelo, no license, receiving stolen property-felony, $5,000

Cathers, Tony Lee, probation violation, $2,000

Cochran Jr., Curtis Lee, contempt-felony, $0

Cockrell, Timothy Scott, violation of protection order, $5,000

Cole, William Christopher, contempt, $5,000

Coleman, Albert Whitmore, no license, $0

Coleman, Zikyhias Ledtrae, contempt, $1,000

Coley, Shawn Michael, electronically harass or threaten/violation of restraining order, stalking, $0

Cook, Alison Claire, contempt, $150

Cook, Jeremy, public drunk, domestic violence, $500

Cordell, Colin Duncan, no license, DUI, careless driving, $750

Craddock, Gregory Elvin, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, 0

Crump, Melvin, domestic violence, $0

Cummings, Jordan Lovell, poss. of cont. sub.-felony, disorderly conduct, $250

Daughrity, Quazavier Quintez, simple assault, public disturbance, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $2,250

Davis, Anthony Louis, contempt, fugitive, $5,000

Davis, Antwan, DUI, $750

Davis, Yolanda, DUI, $750

Dean, Darl Donnell, contempt, $5,000

Douglas, Georgetta, DUI, obstructing public street, $750

Dumas, amber Kay, poss. of Methamphetamine-felony, $0

Durden, Shannon Lee, contributing to delinquency of minor, $5,000

Duren, Deandre Russell, poss. of cont. sub./intent, $5,000

Eggleston, Kenny, improper tags, DUI, no license, no insurance, $750

Evans, Cadera William, contempt, $150

Fant, Antwan C., contempt x2, fugitive, $150

Farley Jr., Darrell Kirk, contempt, fugitive, $0

Fitzgibbons, Joseph William, contempt-felony, uttering forgery, $0

Flippo, Charles Boyd, contempt, $10,000

Flood, Keith Laman, contempt, $500

Floyd, Emily Kaye, paraphernalia, $0

Ford, Jessica Shana, improper tag, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, careless driving, $1,750

Ford, Monique Antoinette, violation of protective order, $1,000

Franklin, Aaron Kadesh, improper license, DUI, seatbelt violation, no insurance, $750

Franklin, Christian Lekeefe, false statements to officer, contempt, probation officer, willful trespassing, $7,500

Freeze, Cynthia Dianna, probation violation-felony, $0

Gales, Veranda Shantae, contempt x2, VOP, $3,500

Gardner, Laquisha Donshea, probation violation, $0

Garrison, Latravious Antoine, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, $40,000

Garvin, Alexis Elizabeth, DUI, careless driving, failure to obey office, $750

Gavrock, Grady Allen, armed robbery, $0

Gayden, Joshua Lowell, contempt, shoplifting, $1,026

Gibson, Jacquce Tywon, disorderly conduct, poss./sale/transfer of stolen firearm, $15,250

Gleason, Terry D., poss. of cont. sub. w/intent, failure to signal lane change, $5,000

Goshien, Camille Amy, felony poss. of cont. sub., paraphernalia, no license, $6,000

Govea, Nicholas Cole, contempt, probation violation, disorderly conduct, $4,250

Graves, James Allen, contempt, $2,000

Gravil, Teresa Lorraine, shoplifting, $0

Green, Torrance Gmale, fugitive, $0

Hall, Darren Wayne, leaving scene of accident, disobey traffic control device, DUI, fleeing officer, reckless driving, no license, $5,000

Haney, Kathryn Mari, paraphernalia, careless driving, DUI, $75,000

Harris, Rayford Rolan, open container, public drunk, $0

Hart, Larisa Kay, telephone harassment, $444.44

Hayes, Joshua Michael, DUI, speeding, $750

Hightower Jr., John Edward, marijuana in vehicle, no license, DUI, failure to stop for blue lights/siren, disobedience of traffic control devices, $1,000

Holman, Sekavia Demond, agg. assault w/weapon to produce death, $55,555

Hopkins, Romelo Corneilions, paraphernalia, no license, DUI, $1,500

Hopson, Carlos, contempt, domestic violence, $0

Huggins, Shakevia Shonta, contempt, no license, no tag, speeding, no insurance, $6,250

Hughes Jr., Toney Renel, poss. of cont. sub., $500

Hughes, Ryan Christopher, domestic assault, $500

Ingraham, Christopher Domenic, felony poss. of cont. sub., $5,000

Jackson, Barbara Jean, contempt, harassment by electronic device, $2,000

Jackson, Billy Dewayne, paraphernalia, careless driving, $500

Jackson, Derdrick Darnez domestic assault, $1,000

James, Raven Symone, disorderly conduct, $0

Jenkins Jr., Fredrick Lee, poss. w/intent to sell marijuana-habitual, poss. w/intent to sell Tetrahydrocannobinol-habitual conspiracy to transfer marijuana, $50,000

Jenkins, Susan Marie, extortion, $0

Johnson, Dakota Blake, poss. of cont. sub., paraphernalia, $7,500

Johnson, Darrius Dante, probation violation, $0

Johnson, Travis Alexander, assault by threat/fear, $2,500

Jones, Danthony M., contempt, $456

Jordan, Amy Alice, defrauding innkeeper, disorderly conduct, $1,000

Keel, Jennifer Lyn, educational neglect, $0

Kitchin, Phillip Dalton, contempt, $5,000

Lassiter, Rhonda, probation violation, $0

Leatherwood, Shelton Elmer, contempt-felony, poss. of Methamphetamine-felony, poss. of stolen firearm-felony, $0

Lee, Michael Jeremy, fugitive, $0

Linares, Jonathan, no license, running stop sign, $250

Little, Sheryl Lee, no license, speeding, $250

Mabry, Dantavious, paraphernalia, $500

Macklin, Eric C., contempt-court fines, $135

Maddaloni, Jan Elizabeth, public drunk, $250

Malone, Jimmie Lee, larceny, $1,000

Martinez, Luis Carlos, contempt, $1,000

Maxwell, Tamekkio Lushun, domestic assault, $0

McCain, Samuel Demetrick, contempt x2, $550

McCreary, Troy A., marijuana in vehicle, paraphernalia, DUI, no insurance, unsafe operation of vehicle, $1,000

McCrory, Michael William, contempt x2-court fines, fugitive, $250   

McCrory, Jennifer LeAnne, contempt 4th, $0

McCullough, Edward Shawn, paraphernalia, poss. of cont. sub., DUI, $7,500       

McCullough, Jeanne R., DUI, careless driving, $750

McNeal, Courtney Contrell, contempt, $5,000

McShane, Marterius Deshawn, felony poss. of cont. sub., DUI, driving in center lane, $5,750               

Miles, Charlisa Monique, contempt, conspiracy to commit crime-felony, organized theft or fraud enterprise, $19,000

Mooney, Kaishavon Martell, DUI, seatbelt violation, reckless driving, no insurance, $500

Morgan, Jevon Demon, possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, $1,000

Morrison, Brice Bradley, motor vehicle theft, $7,500

Mott, Michael Chad, aggravated assault on officer-felony x2, domestic violence, disorderly conduct, $500

Nelson, Travis Lee, contempt, $5,000

Oliver, Joel Christopher, sexual battery, $0

Pastran, Harley, grand larceny, $0

Perez-Perez, Mateo, DUI, $0

Phillips, Lonnie Jarmel, contempt, $0

Pollard, Gary Dewayne, petition for violation of probation, violation of probation-felony, $2,000

Pork, Kayla Marie, contempt, $5,000

Pounders, Jennifer Michelle, contempt, $5,000

Pratcher, Joe Lee, contempt x2, $9,500

Price, Michael Leslie, fugitive-felony, $0

Ragland, April Dawn, educational neglect, $0

Rainey, Faith, covered tag, no license, careless driving, $500

Reed, Jermeric Christian-Jerma, contempt, $5,000

Reynolds, Joey Don, contempt, poss. of cont. sub., $10,268.50

Riley, Timothy Dewayne, DUI, $500

Robinson, Maurice Jordan, retaliation against public servant, $0

Rogers, Daphne, contempt x2, $5,000

Betty Jo Rowland, DUI, careless driving, $1,500

Saulsberry, Keith Udale, DUI, 2nd, careless driving, $1,000

Scott, Kyle Cordell, contempt, $1,060.25

Scurlock, Demetraia D., contempt, $7,000

Shipp, Marvellikus Montez, contempt-felony, poss. of cocaine-felony, $0

Siggers, Dale Ellis, contempt, $2,500

Simpson, Lemarcus Deonne, contempt, $3,000

Smith Jr., Elmer, DUI, $0

Smith, Dejon Andre, contempt, $1,000

Smith, James Michael, conspiracy to commit burglary, grand larceny x2, $0

Smith, Rayshaud Depree, contempt, no tag, no license, $4,500

Stamm, William Joseph, contempt, no tag, paraphernalia, no license, no insurance, $5,000

Standifer, Shawn Christopher, contempt-felony, $0

Steele, Adam J., unlawful taking of vehicle, fugitive, $0

Stokes, Terrance, contempt, $0

Taylor, Luke Ray, probation violation, $0

Taylor, Quenten Cotez, contempt, paraphernalia, false pretense, disorderly conduct, $6,000

Thomas, William Earl, paraphernalia, DUI, $1,250

Tierce, Teresa Leighann, contempt-felony, contempt x2-misd., poss. of cont. sub.-felony, no license, DUI, careless driving, no insurance, $12,000

Tippett, Anthony Benton, violation of post release supervision, $0

Toliver, Steven Renard, DUI, 2nd, $0

Tucker, Martin Daniel, paraphernalia, poss. of counterfeit banknotes, false identifying info, $6,500

Turman, Jordan Mark, motion to revoke bond, $0

Voyles, Kevin Wade, contempt, $2,500

Ward, Derrick Bernard, contempt, no license, iunsafe operation of vehicle, DUI, leaving scene, $4,000

Webb, Brenda, paraphernalia, $0

Webster, Annalara Theresa, armed robbery, $0

Weston, Michael Earl, contempt, $5,000

Wilemon, Michael Ryan, paraphernalia, no license, $750

Williams, Dudley Arnez, probation violation, $0

Willis, Nakisha Antwanette, disorderly conduct, seatbelt violation, careless driving, resisting arrest, $750

Woods, Leaundric Xzonte, contempt, $5,000

Wright Jr., Greg Lavel, paraphernalia, domestic disturbing peace, $1,500

Wright, Darium Marcel, contempt, probation violation, $2,500

Wright, Odell, probation violation, $0

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