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7084 Southcrest Pky.



2 out of 5 POWs



The sign on the side of Abbay’s announces “How the South does fast food.”

Well, I sure as heck hope not, because the Dining Duo was not impressed at all with Abbay’s. We wanted to be. Honestly, this outing was probably one of our worst - and on my birthday of all days!

Meat and three restaurants are a staple of the South. If you are looking for down-home, authentic, Southern cuisine, those are the place to go. Fortunately, DeSoto County has two really good meat and threes - Junior’s in Hernando, and Dale’s in Southaven. If I missed any, please feel free to let us know because we would be happy to give them a try.

Bane and I have had excellent dining experiences at both Junior’s and Dale’s, so we were looking forward to giving Abbay’s a try. 

Judging by the line at the drive thru which was steady and the line of people inside, Abbay’s had to be good. Right?

I liked the choices on the menu. It had everything I would expect to find at a meat and three - hamburger steak, southern fried fish, chicken and dumplings, country fried steak, beef tips and rice, meatloaf and fried chicken. So far, so good. 

Same goes for the sides. There was a lot to choose from -  everything from fried okra to black eyed peas, green bean, to macaroni and cheese.

Bane had his mind set on meatloaf. He added broccoli casserole, cabbage, and cole slaw as his three sides. That’s when things started going downhill - and fast!

“The sauce is a little too sweet,” the super villain said. “It’s more like a sweet barbecue sauce.”

Bane grabbed a bottle of Worcestershire sauce to add some more flavor. “That’s why I grabbed this,” he said.

Bane was also not impressed with the cole slaw or the cabbage. The cole slaw was also too sweet for his liking, and the cabbage was undercooked and crunchy. The broccoli casserole turned out to be too salty - a common theme we detected in all of the dishes.

“To me, they just don’t know how to season the food, so they just add salt,” Bane commented. “This is not up to my standards.”

I didn’t fare any better. The boneless fried chicken was okay, but nothing outstanding. In fact, if you had blindfolded me, fed me a bite of the chicken and asked me where I was, I probably would have said Wendy’s. Okay, it was a step above fast food. But not by much.

I liked the fried potatoes. They were sliced and had a good taste to them, but here again, they were just too salty. The turnip greens were definitely not up to what I expected. They were overdone and watery. I added tobasco peppers in vinegar, and even that couldn’t save them.

But by far the worst side, was the spicy fried broccoli. I’m not sure what me in me wanted to try them. It’s an odd combination. Again, they were salty. They had a definite spice to them, but I did not care for them, and neither did Bane when I asked him to try them. I prefer my broccoli steamed with melted cheese.

Overall, Abbay’s is a weak knock off of more authentic meat and threes. Maybe it was whoever did the cooking. I just don’t think meat and three works as fast food.

Bane thought Abbay’s was worse than hospital cafeteria food.

“I might actually prefer hospital cafeteria food over Abbay’s,” he said. “I’m not a fan.”

Bane added that Abbay’s must be some Yankee’s version of what they think Southerners would like in fast food - and they missed. Badly.

The way we figure it, the only reason people in DeSoto County would come to Abbay’s is because it is different from the other fast food options along Goodman Road. But to us, it tasted like imitation southern food. The portions are decent. The prices is reasonable

But if you are hungry for a meat and three, save your money and go to Dale’s.


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