EDITOR’S NOTE: The Dining Duo are a couple of foodies who enjoy eating out and sampling the local cuisine in the Mid-South. To ensure the reviews are unbiased and that the duo remain anonymous, their identities are masked behind their favorite comic book heroes.

Crazy Lu Seafood Shack

1631 Goodman Road

Horn Lake

4 1/2 POWs

I don’t normally pick seafood for lunch. Don’t get me wrong, I like seafood, but sometimes it’s a bit too heavy for lunch. Oh, I’m guilty of going to Captain D’s…if you can call that seafood.

I had been wanting to try Crazy Lu Seafood Shack for some time in Horn Lake and with Bane safely locked away in Arkham Asylum, I convinced my Justice League colleague Aquaman to join me. I know, it sounds fishy that Aquaman would want to eat seafood. But heck, he IS from Atlantis after all. And I doubt they serve burgers in Atlantis.

Neither of us had any idea what to expect at Crazy Lu. Were we going to get fast food seafood a la Captain D’s? Or, was this going to be a real sit down meal with real made-to-order seafood?

The answer became clear the minute we went inside. This joint was no fast food seafood that we were in for. This was the real deal.

Looking over the menu, my Atlantean friend decided to try the pick two fried seafood platter ($10.99). Aquaman selected two fried catfish strips along with popcorn shrimp. The platter also came with a roll and a large side of fried okra.

“That’s not bad on the price,” the underwater hero said.

Aquaman was immediately impressed with the catfish. The cornmeal that it was seasoned with had a very tasty and unique flavor with a hint of Cajun spice. It didn’t taste muddy or gamey, which is unfortunately the case at some seafood restaurants.

“It’s really good catfish,” he said. “I think it’s better than most.”

The catfish strips were above average size, in fact, it was almost too much food. Aquaman ate half the shrimp, which also had a similar unique seasoned taste, and was starting to fill up.

“The shrimp and the catfish have just enough spice to notice,” he said. “That is a lot of food.”

My order was just as good. I settled on a fried shrimp Po Boy ($8.99). I’ve eaten a lot of Po Boys, including some in New Orleans, and to me, the key to any Po Boy is the bread. The right bread makes or breaks the sandwich. The bread at Crazy Lu wasn’t the best I have ever had. It was a bit flaky and dry, but still good. I would have preferred it a bit softer. Still, I could barely get it all in my mouth. The remoulade sauce was also tasty. It also came with cole slaw which was delicious with nice crunchy shredded cabbage.

As for the shrimp, it came overflowing, and I wholeheartedly concur with my seafaring superhero colleague that it had a unique taste with a slight spice to it.

I also decided to try the seafood gumbo ($5.99). I thought I was ordering just a cup. I was totally surprised when it arrived in a medium size plastic container. It was enough for a whole meal. A few bites into it and I knew right away that it was coming home with me. 

I’m no expert on gumbo. But I think Crazy Lu’s gumbo would pass the test of any discerning resident of New Orleans as being very authentic. It had nice chunks of shrimp, andouille sausage, shredded chicken, rice, okra, and yes, even bay leaves. Again, it had just the right amount of seasoning to give it a right Cajun flavor without burning your mouth. I don’t think it will displace my favorite gumbo at King’s Palace Cafe on Beale Street in Memphis, but Crazy Lu has an awesome gumbo recipe.

The inside of Crazy Lu is very open and inviting, very clean, and the service is good. We did not have to wait long for our meals to arrive. The only thing I will knock them on was the music. I thought it was a bit too loud and a bit too - and this may be the old man in me - a bit too contemporary.

To say that Aquaman and I were pleasantly surprised with  the quality of our lunch at Crazy Lu would be an understatement. We both give it four and a half POWs out of five and will definitely be back.

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