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This week, the Dining Duo decided to do something a little different. Instead of reviewing just one restaurant, we thought it might be fun to take the chicken sandwich challenge.

You may recall that last summer (or a couple of summers ago) there was a bit of a war among the fast food chains over who had the best chicken sandwich. Popeye’s really hyped theirs and when it finally came out, there were lines out the road and they actually ran out! Well, that prompted a few of the other fast food chains to say, hey, wait a minute. WE have the best chicken sandwich.’ And the war was on.

I was joined in the challenge by Aquaman and the super villains Bane and Live Wire. We went around to the different fast food chains and each tried a spicy chicken sandwich. Our taste test includes Wendy’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Popeye’s, and Chick-fil-A.

This challenge is different from the original one because at the time,  KFC and McDonald’s did not have a chicken sandwich. They have since come out with their own versions.

I asked our judges to jot down their thoughts and will reveal the winner at the end.

Here’s what the judges had to say:


Bane: Great crunch. Slightly sweet with increasing heat. Was well pleased. (1 of 5)

Live Wire: juicy, tender, tasty. (1 of 5)

Aquaman: Overall the best sandwich of the group. Soft and buttery bun. Spicy, but not too much. Just a touch of pickle flavor. Good, quality meat. (1 of 5)

Bat: Nice, thick chicken patty. Has some heat, but not overpowering. Bun is good. Not as tasty as Wendy’s. (2 of 5)



Bane: Enjoyed the balance of the condiments and the toppings added to the heat and balanced the spiciness. (2 of 5)

Live Wire: Good flavor. Decent amount of sauce. Tender. (2 of 5)

Aquaman: Very basic sandwich. Not very spicy, but no complaints. (2 of 5)

Bat: I love the taste. It’s not too hot, but has a burn. Patty not as thick as some of the others. (1 of 5)



Bane: Lots of protein. Thick fillet. Might ask for less sauce. No other spices detected aside from the sauce. (3 of 5)

Live Wire: Thicker. Pickle could have been removed, took away from flavor. Not as tender. (3 of 5)

Aquaman: Biggest sandwich of the group. Spiciest sandwich. Sauce was tasty. Bread was sort of doughy and soggy. Pickles were overpowering. (4 of 5)

Bat: Very crispy chicken patty. Pickle detracts from the taste of the chicken. Sauce was the hottest so far, really gave it some heat. Chicken was a bit bland tasting. (5 of 5) 



Bane: The chicken was tough. Tasted like it might have been freezer burned. (5 of 5)

Live Wire: Too thick and overdone. (4 of 5)

Aquaman: Sauce was delicious. The breading on the chicken was delicious, but the meat was tough and chewy. (3 of 5)

Bat: This is a nice thick piece of chicken. This has some heat to it, about the same as KFC. Made my nose run. (3 of 5)



Bane: Delayed spice. Seemed more sauce focused. Too much sauce. (4 of 5)

Live Wire: Rubbery. (5 of 5)

Aquaman: Sauce had an okay flavor. Meat was tough and chewy. (5 of 5)

Bat: This is a good chicken filet. Sauce was hot. Good, but not outstanding. (4 of 5)


And the winner by majority of consensus…Chick-fil-A. I was the holdout preferring Wendy’s over the Southern favorite. Wendy’s wasn’t the thickest of the chicken filets, but I still like the taste better. My colleagues all chose Wendy’s as the second best tasting chicken sandwich.

Here’s another interesting tidbit of info, Wendy’s came in first as the highest priced chicken sandwich, while Popeye’s came in as the cheapest value for your money. The other three were all similar in price.

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