There are “shoe gals” out there who are addicted to buying shoes. They have dozens. Since I can’t see my feet without bending over, I’m not too much into shoes — why bother with what you can’t see. I’m a “bag gal” myself. I pack up garbage bags full of purses to give to my friends about every six months. But…that’s a story for another day. We’re talking shoes here.

It’s not just any shoe - this shoe is the latest in style. It’s the fashionista’s dream come true. It is the latest of the latest. 

Because the “powers that be” have said that this is the shoe that EVERY woman under 80 needs to have in her wardrobe, it will be enacted into law in the next session, just watch. It’s the power of the fashion industry. They dictate what we wear by using propaganda, tricks and subliminal suggestions. They put these items of torment on long-legged, beautiful models who would make a “tow sack” look good (a.k.a. a burlap sack for those not familiar with cotton pickin’).

Am I going to get me a pair of these “clod-hoppers?” Are you crazy? I would have to have a step ladder just to get myself launched up and into these monstrosities. 

That would mean taking out more insurance, ‘cause if I fell off these shoes, it would be like taking a nose-dive out of a second story window. I could seriously break my booty. 

See, my theory is: All the crazy styles that pop up every year for women are perpetrated by men who just want to get even with womankind. That’s their one agenda. The fact that they are getting rich in the meantime is a super perk.

For several years, the feet of the fairer sex have been cramped, squeezed and forced into needle-nosed shoes that built summer homes for the corner podiatrist. Most women’s feet that I’ve seen are not v-shaped but square. 

By the way, this is the new thing to aspire to become when you grow up. Be a foot doctor and try to straighten out fashion’s mistakes. I’m surprised the tort lawyers haven’t hitched their wagons to this foot fiasco.

OK, who or what dictates fashion — sets the trend for the herd to follow?

One certain thing in the fashion world is change. We are constantly being bombarded with new fashion ideas from music, videos, books, and television. Movies also have a big impact on what people wear. Ray-Ban sold more sunglasses after the movie Men In Black. Sometimes a trend is world-wide. Back in the 1950s, teenagers everywhere dressed like Elvis Presley.

Musicians and other cultural icons have always influenced what we’re wearing, but so have political figures and royalty. Newspapers and magazines report on what Hillary Clinton wears. The death of Diana, the Princess of Wales, was a severe blow to the high fashion world, where her clothes were daily news.

Fashion trends on college campuses find their way into the mainstream through different ways. These trends can be picked up simply; when a college student comes back home and visits with old friends. Family members may pick up their fashion tips and spread them to others. College student fashion also spreads through the internet on photo-sharing websites, blogs and fashion review boards. Fashion and beauty magazines often report on the fashion trends of this age group, spreading the trends to millions of readers worldwide.

When you get as old a some of us (ain’t naming names here), the highest fashion trend you can aspire to or emulate is the “comfort zone style.” If it don’t feel good, it’s packed up for Goodwill.

DALE LILLY is Lifestyles Editor and can be reached at


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