Fox and Hound Bar & Grill

6565 Towne Center Crossing



4 out of 5 POWs


I wasn’t expecting to go to lunch this past Friday. I was busy at my desk catching up on superhero business. But when Bane broke out of Arkham Asylum right around lunchtime, it was up to the Bat to bring him back.

Since I was out and about anyway, it made sense to stop somewhere for some real food - not gas station food. I had had enough of that during the week.

I apprehended Bane in Southaven, and since the hulking super villain is always hungry at lunchtime, he had a suggestion.

Bane suggested we check out Fox and Hound Bar & Grill. Since  I hadn’t been there before, a quick glance at their menu convinced me that we couldn’t go wrong with sports bar food.

I was a little surprised though when we pulled up to see the parking lot a little…thin, shall we say? In fact, beside Bane and myself, there were two men at the bar and only two other diners. There appeared to be a small group in the back where they have a pool table. But that was it. When we asked our server about it, she told us that it is almost always packed on weekday nights.

Bane had a hankering to try the fish and chips, and because he is a big boy, he ordered mozzarella bricks for an appetizer. They are prepared hand breaded in herb-pinko breadcrumbs, lightly fried, and served with marinara sauce.

Bane and I both agreed that they hit the spot.

“They had a good flavor and were filling,” Bane said. “I do wish that the sauce had been warmed up.”

He was also well satisfied with his choice of the fish and chips. The two fish filets come beer battered in Sam Adams and are served with cole slaw, crinkle cut fries, and tartar sauce. Bane then slathered the filets with vinegar, which made up for the fact that the tartar sauce tasted like mayonnaise.

“They were very well battered pieces of white fish,” Bane said. “It paired well with the traditional malt vinegar. I got two pieces instead of three and it was filling because they were pretty good size pieces of fish.”

I was immediately excited about trying their Nashville hot chicken.  I used to frequent Hattie’s in Memphis which introduced me to Nashville hot chicken. I was torn by whether to order the Nashville hot chicken mac and cheese (chicken tenders served over mac ’n’ cheese) or just the Nashville hot chicken sandwich.

I decided on the mac ’n’ cheese, but was disappointed when our server said they were out of mac n’ cheese. So, Plan B, I went with the Nashville hot chicken sandwich.

I’m not big on hot food in general. And it rarely agrees with my stomach. I love Popeye’s spicy chicken, but it doesn’t like me. But I get it because it adds a nice flavor. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Fox and Hound’s Nashville chicken has some heat to it, but not the kind of burn your mouth heat.

The chicken came topped with cole slaw, dill pickles and aioli, and a side of crinkle fries. I thought the cole slaw and aioli gave the sandwich a nice overall flavor. It had heat, but not the kind of heat at Hattie B’s.

Fox and Hound is a pleasant place to eat. I’m glad he suggested that we give it a try. I’m normally not a sports bar kind of superhero. But with an extensive drink menu I can see where Fox and Hound could be a fun place to come and hang out, eat wings, have a drink and watch a sporting event. And their menu has enough on there that I would definitely come back again for lunch.


We give it a solid 4 POWs.


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