Shame On Y'all campaign (copy)

In a photo from last year, the Keep DeSoto County Beautiful Board, along with Supervisors Lee Caldwell and Bill Russell, show the signs to promote a clean environment through programs such as the Shame On Y'all road signs and the annual Spring Cleanup.


While not actually doing the physical pickup of trash, DeSoto County officials say the “Shame On Y’all” sign campaign has been working to thwart potential litterers of what they are doing to the county’s roadways.

In announcing the dates for the county’s annual Spring Cleanup campaign this week, Director of Environmental Services Ray Laughter explained the unique awareness campaign has been helping curb litter in the county.

”Littering is an ongoing battle, but also we like to think that we have a lot of good people in DeSoto County,” Laughter said. “We like to think it’s a lot of people passing through (who litter). We see results, we think it is working.”

The signs, taking on the phrase “Shame On Y’all,” are a reminder to motorists about the potential fine of up to $250 for littering, along with a phone number and the county’s website address to report roadside litter.

Laughter said it is an awareness campaign and fighting litter has its tangible benefits.

“It helps out with property values and it just gives you a better sense of your community and is something to be proud of,” Laughter said.

Laughter’s comments came at the same time he presented the dates of the annual Spring Cleanup campaign to inject more support and give residents an opportunity to chip in on the cleanup effort.

Dates of this year’s cleanup are April 6-14 with Saturday, April 6 being the countywide Clean Up Day.

Dumpsters will be placed at 15 different locations throughout the county for residents to deposit their trash. Items such as old furniture or mattresses, lumber, carpet, bricks, limbs or tree leaves, plastic toys, fencing and rubbish will be accepted.

Those items that cannot be taken include aerosols, all-purpose cleaners, antifreeze, batteries, tires, insecticides and herbicides, oil, paint and electronics.

Individuals or groups can also “adopt a road,” where they spend time during the Cleanup Week addressing a section of road with materials provided by Laughter’s office.

“The Board of Supervisors provides in the unincorporated county the litter picker-uppers, the bags and the safety vests for the teams,” Laughter said. “Once you go through our website and say what particular road you want to clean, then you go in and pick up the materials from us, go pick up your road and then bring back the materials the next week after it’s done.”

Laughter’s office has more information on the Spring Cleanup at 662-469-8152.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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