Mississippi Task Force One

Mississippi Task Force One conducts a water rescue mission on the Black River after a boat capsized earlier this year.

Mississippi Task Force One rescuers have all returned safely to their homes after traveling to the coast to assist with Hurricane Sally rescues. 


A Mississippi rescue unit sent workers to the Gulf Coast earlier this week to prepare for Hurricane Sally’s Wednesday morning arrival. 


Mississippi Task Force One is a 16-person water rescue team that assisted first responders in search and rescue missions. The team consists of trained professionals from 10 north Mississippi counties, including DeSoto County.


The crew were stationed in Hancock County, where there is an Emergency Operations center, according to team leader Chris Olson. 


Along with the rescuers, the Mississippi Task Force One brought six boats to aid in the rescue processes. 


The task force arrived at the coast Monday to help as Mississippi would face the strongest part of Hurricane Sally. 


In a press conference Wednesday, Gov. Tate Reeves said the state avoided widespread damage but said that around 1,600 homes were still without power. 


Both Reeves and Emergency Management Director Gregory Michel said that a new storm system developing off the coast of Mexico has now caught their attention, and that the storm has a 70% chance of developing into another surge that could affect the Mississippi Coast.

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