Supporters and Voters at Hernando Fire Station #2

Voters and supporters of respective candidates flocked to the polls on Election Day primaries, Tuesday, April 6. Hernando Fire Station Number 2 saw heavy traffic all day during voting hours with Hernando police directing traffic at the U.S. Highway 51 location.

The unofficial primary election results were announced for Hernando races Tuesday night, April 6. Results will be certified by election officials.

Voting totals include absentee ballots.

Candidates who won their primaries will appear on June 8 Mississippi General Election ballots.


Tom Ferguson (i) - 1281

Chip Johnson - 1731


W.I. "Doc" Harris (i) - 1594

Jeff Hobbs - 1342

Ward 1:

Natalie Lynch (i) - 322

Chris Tong - 117

Ward 2:

Jarrett Mashaw - 269

Ward 3:

Dustin Austein - 185

Bruce Robinson - 301

Robin Cotton - 54

Ward 4:

Mitch Lemmon - 238

Chad Wicker - 330

Ward 5:

Beth Rone Ross - 353

Leslie Bierman - 193

Ward 6:

Dale Bellflower - 81

Ryan Diffee - 208 (Run-off Election April 27)

Ben Piper - 267 (Run-off Election April 27)

Chad Wicker expressed his excitement Tuesday night on winning his race in Ward 4.

"We're ready to get to work and make some changes with the city," Wicker said. "The people voted for a new generation of leaders and that's exactly what they got tonight."

The city of Olive Branch and the town of Walls did not hold primary elections and respective candidates will appear on June 8 Mississippi General Election ballots.

In Olive Branch, Executive Committee members are appointed in the absence of a primary election according to city officials.

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