Express Employment Brand it Blue

More than 30 Express Employment Professionals staff, family and friends spent an afternoon on Saturday, July 13 assisting Walls Elementary School get ready for the new school year. They painted classrooms, the school cafeteria, and worked on landscaping.

The DeSoto County Express Employment Professionals office of Southaven recently partnered with Walls Elementary as part of the Brand It Blue Initiative, a company-wide philanthropic effort. 

Alejandra Lejwa, franchise owner of DeSoto County Express Office approached the principal of Walls Elementary school with a simple but powerful question: “What can we do to help your school?”

On Saturday, July 13, more than 30 Express employees, family members and friends of Express volunteered at Walls Elementary, 6131 Delta View Road. Together, they painted classrooms, the school cafeteria, and worked on landscaping.

“It was amazing to see the community come together in such a big way,” said Walls Elementary School principal Erica Armstrong. “The volunteers could have been anywhere else on that beautiful Saturday morning, but chose to make a positive difference for not only the students, but for the faculty and staff, as well. Walls Elementary is truly appreciative for all those that came together to make our year brighter.”

“We make our mark by making a difference,” said local DeSoto County Express franchise owner Diego Lejwa. “There is no better way to help our children by supporting the schools. We are invested in the community, and we are here to help.”

The DeSoto County office of Express Professionals is located at 5740 Getwell Road in Southaven.

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