Dan Eubanks

State Rep. Dan Eubanks, R-Walls, has been selected to GOPAC’s 2018 Class of Emerging Leaders.

The GOPAC designation is a list of promising legislators selected for their potential and ability to impact their state and the Republican Party.

“Our 2018 Emerging Leaders highlight our efforts to promote Republicans who advocate for the personal and economic security of Americans. These men and women are a superb addition to the roster of Republicans we are developing nationwide to lead in their state legislatures and/or run for higher office.” said GOPAC Chairman David Avella.

The Emerging Leaders program is a year long initiative to coach and develop state legislators from across the country on how to be effective legislative leaders.

This year’s class will begin their involvement at the 8th Annual Emerging Leaders Summit, which takes place from June 11-14. The Summit gives participants the opportunity to learn from policy experts, veteran lawmakers, communications professionals and seasoned political strategists as well as each other. These leaders return to their states better equipped to advance the ideas they are championing and prepare for the rigors of campaigning for higher office.

To be selected, an Emerging Leader must be nominated by a member of the organization’s Legislative Leaders Advisory Board or the legislative leader in their state.

"Dan Eubanks is ranked as one of the most conservative representatives in the Mississippi House," the report stated. "As a freshman legislator serving in his third year of his first term, he has consistently pushed for smaller government, lower taxes, less government regulation, greater religious and personal freedoms, and the protection of the unborn. He was voted Freshman Legislator of the Year by his peers, and has consistently won the Americans for Prosperity Champion of Freedom award and the American Conservative Union's award for Conservative Excellence.

Eubanks is married to Corey (Luckhardt) Eubanks, and they have one child named Eli. He has lived in DeSoto County for the past 30 years, and represents the northwestern most house district in the state.

Eubanks started and owned a sound and multi-media business with his brother after college, until he felt called into the ministry back in 2005. He served as the Youth and Young Adult Pastor for 11 years at Advent Presbyterian Church in Cordova, Tenn. before getting elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives in 2015. After his election, he transitioned into the role of Director of Advent's Recreation and Outreach Ministry.

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A career in Ministry in TN yet a resident and member of State Legislature in MS? Article mentions “ conservative and support of small government and less taxes”. Are you truly supporting your MS District as an employee within a TN business entity?

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