Beach volleyball player, fire truck driver and a new found faith in God was the roadmap that led artist Susan Fullwood to her reignited passion for creating beauty through color.

Fullwood’s work is now on display in Hernando at the Desoto Arts Council (DAC) Express Yourself Exhibit, now through April 25.

A focus on negative space, tension and imaginary colors brings Fullwood’s work to art advocates in Desoto County as part of DAC’s 

Jacqueline Dutsch, executive director for DAC, said on Saturday, the exhibit’s opening day, that this past year’s COVID-19 quarantining has nurtured the creative drive in many who were stuck at home.

“We see people painting more and you can see from this exhibit we leave that process open and not contain people’s work in a box,” Dutsch said. “Our gallery displays all local artists, Desoto County and surrounding areas. People here want to share the work they’ve created. Allowing an artist, like Susan, to share, lets others see the emotion, the process that goes into it.”

Once Dutsch had met Fullwood, back in January, and knew she wanted to be a featured artist, Fullwood unleashed her creative process to fill the walls of DAC’s gallery.

“She’s been furiously painting for two months,” laughed Dutsch, “This is the result of that.”

Fullwood, with experience in metalsmithing, ceramics and painting, was present at Saturday’s event and was humbled to share her inspirations and process on one of her most highlighted paintings “Holy Spirit - Harpazo - In The Clouds to Meet the Lord in the Air.”

“Oil paints can take months to dry. On my palette, I chose every single color that I used in every other single painting on display here and are actually on this one piece. It’s a very personal piece.”

The mission of the DAC is volunteer driven and Dutsch emphasized that without dedicated volunteers like Marcia Weiss who arranged the exhibit display, events like the Express Yourself Exhibit wouldn’t be possible. 

The next artist to be featured is Laura Thorne, starting April 10. The Express Yourself Exhibit is free and open to the public.


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