Hernando Aldermen to convene Monday

Hernando Mayor Tom Ferguson

Hernando city officials this week moved to go ahead and provide funding for road paving projects in the city while Mayor Tom Ferguson said he wants the city to work toward establishing a maintenance program instead of relying on overlay projects.

Following discussion on street overlays in Hernando, the Board of Aldermen approved Ferguson’s proposal to to take out a $500,000 bank note to fund road improvements.

Hernando has typically done overlay work on a project-by-project situation, but Ferguson said he would like to see the city move toward a maintenance program schedule instead.

The areas specifically Ferguson said have gone into disrepair and should be addressed quickly are Rodeo Way, Motor Scooter Drive, Thousand Oaks Drive and part of East Commerce Street near Walmart.

“These roads deteriorate rapidly beyond a point of routine maintenance,” Ferguson told the board in his explanation for taking out the bank note. “We should have treated 105 miles between 5-10 years. This plan can significantly improve the overall road conditions across the entire city.”

The $500,000 loan would be repaid over five years at 3-percent interest. The debt service to repay the loan would come from the Cap Improvement Street Overlay.