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Charlie Hoots is the first candidate to file for an open Ward 2 Alderman seat in Southaven. The seat is open due to the resignation of former Alderman Ronnie Hale.

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A former DeSoto County deputy sheriff and television photojournaist, Charlie Hoots, has officially filed as a candidate for City of Southaven alderman.

Hoots will appear on the ballot in Southaven's special election, to be held on Tuesday, Feb. 13, to fill the recent vacancy of Ward 2's open alderman seat.

The seat became vacant upon the resignation of former Ward 2 Alderman Ronnie Hale, who resigned last month following an appearance in Oxford on child pornography charges. Hale had also been alleged to have been involved in an act of procuring prostitution.

A familiar face and well-known local resident, Hoots became the first candidate to file the required paperwork with the City Clerk at the Southaven City Hall for this municipal ballot.

“I look forward to working with Southaven's wonderful churches, growing business community, all of our friends and neighbors in this ward,” Hoots said. “We will work hard to keep our neighborhoods safe and secure, and we will stand strong for families in Southaven.”

Hoots is the founder and coordinator of the Colonial Hills Neighborhood Watch. In his campaign promotion, Hoots called the Neighborhood Watch program "a successful and acclaimed program that has helped to lower crime rates by over 20 percent in Colonial Hills in the past four years."

Hoots previously served as a Deputy Sheriff and co-creator of the Aviation Unit of the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department. With this experience in law enforcement, Hoots' campaign motto is “Working for Safe Neighborhoods.”

Hoots also founded Broken Together Ministries, a Christian fellowship specializing in healing marriages and relationships through faith, prayer, and counseling. He is an active member of SouthPoint Church in Southaven. Following 30 years as a photojournalist with WREG News Channel 3, Hoots is the publisher and owner of the online DeSoto County Newsroom.

A 40-year resident of Colonial Hills in Southaven, Hoots addressed issues affecting the largely older city ward.

“Our Ward 2 area is the main part of the original Southaven, and we don't want it to be overlooked. With Southaven having enjoyed prosperity and growth in becoming Mississippi's third-largest city, we also want to keep and promote our traditional values that have been a hallmark of the Top of Mississippi.”

Robert Lee Long is Community Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune. He may be contacted at or at 662-429-6397, Ext. 252.

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As of right now he would not have my vote. He is a dictator who picks and chooses what we can say on the watch page also rumor has it he was involved with former mayor Davis and Ronnie hale and we sure do not need another one of those in the seat to make decisions for our town .


The last thing we need as a representative of anything good, is another man that thinks sending unsolicited inappropriate messages is "just having fun... how about a massage". This behaviour simply must stop and the only way to stop it is to stop pretending it's ok. I typically do not adhere to rumors, however, there has been proof of this behavior in at least one case, and that's one too many. Please do not use the excuse of "don't judge him... we all sin" like was said for Ronnie. No! We don't ALL patronize and disrespect women and participate and/or indulge in crimes against women and children. Let's NOT sweep this under the rug and make sure we do everything in our voting power to not let this behavior be what stands for our neighborhood. One is enough damage... don't bring in another that's "just kidding and having a little fun ". What if that was your wife, sister, daughter, or mother that he was "just kidding" with?


The neighborhood watch is not successful. If you disagree with him you are shunned. Him asking for inappropriate pictures from women is also not something I want from an alderman.


I would honestly love to know your thoughts and the communities thoughts on this. Charlie Hoots runs for alderman (for my district or any for that matter) right after the previous was arrested.(Ronnie Hale). Charlie and Ronnie ran the Neighborhood watch group on facebook together. Charlie and Ronnie are both great friends. They say you are your 5 closest friends so what does that have to say about charlie? Also recently it has came to social media's attention of Charlie asking for explicit photos from women via inbox on facebook (can gladly link or give information where it seems fit) As a concerned citizen of this district what does it have to show for him running? What will be the actions coming out? and what type of leader are we allowing in our area? Just food for thought.

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