Amtel Horn Lake

Horn Lake Board of Alderman gave the thumbs up for a conditional use permit for a new gas station on Interstate Boulevard.

Developer Ron Patel is planning to build an Amtel Express Exxon station similar to the one he owns at Green T and Hwy. 51 in Hernando.

The gas station is located at 6180 Interstate Boulevard on 3.06 acres inside the DeSoto Commons Planned Unit Development on the north side of Interstate Blvd. and Nail Road. Patel is also planning to build a 3-story 100 room hotel next to the site.

“If you have seen my gas station in Hernando, it’s beautiful,” Patel said at the May 23 Planning Commission meeting. “Here, I am planning on doing it even better. I have plans to do it really nice. The one in Hernando, people come from everywhere to see the place.”

Amtel Express 3.0 in Horn Lake will be the first Exxon station in the region with Exxon Synergy Diesel, a more efficient brand of diesel fuel.

He also has another gas station plus a hotel, restaurant and residential homes that he plans to build at the southeast corner of Hwy. 51 and Green T Road across from his Amtel Express in Hernando.

Resident Francis J. Miller urged the board to approve the project during the public hearing saying that it is a much needed development in that area of Horn Lake.

“We need that filling station and all that revenue in that part of town and to get (the warehouses) at Interstate Boulevard producing revenue for the city,” Miller said. “I would love to see that revenue and that filling station.”

Another resident, George Watson, expressed concern that the gas station would have a negative impact on traffic along Goodman Road when the warehouses are finished.

“Is that going to make any problems backed up to the Interstate, especially at rush hour coming from north and south?” Watson asked. “I’m just curious about what that will do at the intersection of Goodman and Interstate. If we are going to have warehouses there and tractor trailers there and tractor trailers down by Tractor Supply, is that going to be another problem?”

Ward 3 Alderman Jackie Bostick said traffic will still be able to bypass any additional truck traffic by using Expressway Dr. and Windchase Dr. at Tractor Supply to get onto Goodman Road.

“I don’t like making that turn either,” Bostick said. “So what I do is go down to where Tractor Supply is and you can hook right back onto the Interstate Boulevard circle to keep from having to go there. So there is a bypass around there that has a little more space.”

Mayor Allen Latimer said Goodman Road will also get some relief from any additional truck traffic once Pepperchase Drive is extended by Southaven.

“So theoretically, a truck should be able to get off on Church Road and come up Pepperchase, although the warehouses aren’t going to be as big as the ones on Nail Road,” Latimer said. “Then when they are ready to leave, they can hop on Interstate Boulevard, take a right, and get out on the expressway. That’s the long-range plan.”

Latimer welcomed Patel’s investment in Horn Lake.

“It will be a nice addition to the city,” Latimer said. “It will be good for that area. And Mr. Patel is a straight up honest fellow. We’re glad to see him spending some money on developments in Horn Lake.”


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