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Todd Hollis is the new Groups Pastor for SouthPoint Church in Southaven. Todd and wife Allison are parents to four children, Mary Lacey, Brady, Miles and Beckham.

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The work of furthering the Kingdom of God for Todd Hollis has recently taken him to land at a new air strip, as Hollis has begun his work as a new staff member to SouthPoint Church in Southaven.

Hollis, admittedly a man with a Air Force upbringing and career before his calling to the ministry, has been named as new Groups Pastor for the non-denominational church centered in the old Cotton Bowl Lanes building near the intersection of Highway 51 and Stateline Road West.

In that role, Hollis will be responsible for growing the church’s small groups ministry and working with multi-cultural and blended families to help them grow in their faith.

SouthPoint Senior Pastor Craig Wendel said of Hollis, “His skills, gifts and talents will be a huge help in continuing to advance the cross-cultural calling of SouthPoint Church in the DeSoto and Shelby County area.”

Hollis’ family traveled around a lot as he grew up, but since his father served two tours as a member of the Air Force in Biloxi, he calls the Mississippi Gulf Coast his home. He went from military kid to military serviceman and continued that lifestyle after school.

“I was active in the military for 17 years, moved to San Antonio, Texas and to a base in Alabama,” Hollis said. “I switched over to the Air National Guard and was working in the medical field as an X-Ray Technician, but there was a calling for me to move on.”

His time in the Air National Guard also had him serve as a cross-cultural Interfaith Chaplain Corps member and pastor. His ministry led to his calling to SouthPoint.

“I got a call from Charley (Short, Director of Operations),” Hollis said. “We came here at a great time. Everybody here was like family. I got a call a few weeks after that and I felt this was God’s calling.”

Hollis’ other pastoral background included time as a young adult pastor in Alabama but this will be his first full-time opportunity.

“My heart has been in helping people,” Hollis said. “I knew that I loved people deeply and I’ve had a great experience in church.”

That experience for Hollis has included everything from being on a parking lot team to production, youth ministry and high school ministry.

At SouthPoint, Hollis will focus on small groups to multi-cultural and blended families, especially since he and his wife Allison make up a blended family with four children.

“I think some people may have that mentality that ‘they’re not like us, so I don’t want to go,’” Hollis said. “There are differences in everyone. This church loved my family for who they were and we really felt at home. It’s not so much about your race or that type of thing. It’s more being accepted for who you are.”

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer and may be reached at 662-429-6397 ext. 240.

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