Pleasant Hill Art Center

Sue Cox hangs up some of her students artwork in the Pleasant Hill Art Center.

OLIVE BRANCH - When Sue Cox passed by the old general store across the street from the old Bridgforth cotton gin, she always thought the building would make a great art studio and then one day a sign advertising art classes was put up on the buildings front porch.

"I used to just teach children's art classes here," Cox said. "Now I've taken over and I'm exited."

The Pleasant Hill Art Center offers summer art school and after school classes for kids. The center is also going to begin offering adult classes Aug. 14 taught by nationally acclaimed artist Mike Lee.

"Mike has an extensive background in art," Cox said. "He was the art director for NBC and he was also a courtroom artist. He did the Ted Bundy trial."

The children's classes, for first through fifth graders will be meeting weekly on Mondays from 4:30 until 6:00 p.m. for twelve weeks.

The children will learn about different styles of art by using various mediums as well as learning about famous artists. They will learn everyone from oil pastels to watercolors and acrylics.

"I like to introduce the kids to all different mediums so that when they're older they aren't afraid to use it." Cox said.

The tables in the art center are covered in paint from kids having fun and making a mess.

"It's a good outlet for the kids," Cox said. "Sometimes we paint on a canvas, sometimes we paint on the table of chalk the floors."

The art center also offers birthday parties where children can come celebrate a birthday while making art or making a mess.

The Pleasant Hill Art Center is looking to expand into a photography class as well in the next year.

When Cox isn't working with the children she enjoys working with oils.

"I can't do the oils with children because it's too toxic but when I paint that's what I prefer to use." Cox said. "There used to be a group of ladies that would paint oils here together and that's how I got involved in the art center."

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