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Ward 3 Alderman Tim Smith announced at Tuesday’s Horn Lake Board of Aldermen meeting his plans to retire at the end of April. Board members will determine the date of a special election once his seat is vacated.

Horn Lake Ward 3 Alderman Tim Smith announced his plans to retire from that city’s Board of Aldermen during its Tuesday meeting this week. Smith said his retirement would become effective on April 30. 

Smith’s retirement means a special election will be needed to fill the opening that will be left by his departure. Aldermen will determine the election date at its May 7 meeting once the seat is officially vacated. The special election must be anywhere from 30-45 days from the date of vacation.

Smith, who has been serving Horn Lake for 27 years, said health was a factor in his decision.

“My health is not good and I’m tired and I just want the rest of whatever to be with my family,” Smith said. “It’s not anything with the city or against the city.”

He preferred not to speak about specifics, but Smith said he has seen Horn Lake progress over the years that he has been on the board.

“I’ve seen it grow up from a two-lane Goodman Road county road to the five-lane highway it is now and everything that is along it,” Smith said. “I want to see Horn Lake prosper and do well and at times we have prospered. We’re starting to move again and I feel like I’ve given a lot to the city, but in turn I feel like the city has given a whole lot to me.”

Reacting to Smith’s decision, Mayor Allen Latimer credited the retiring alderman with putting the city first with his position on issues being to advance Horn Lake forward.

“Whatever he thought was best for the city of Horn Lake and its citizens, that’s what he stood up and fought for. At board meetings, he was very plain in his position on issues and he would help focus them and bring the discussion to a head,” said Latimer. “He loves this city. I hate to see him step down but I realize this is what he thinks is best for him and his family and I certainly respect that decision. He will be missed.”

Latimer added aldermen and residents knew exactly where Smith stood on issues.

“Aldermen Smith wasn’t a politician,” Latimer said. “He would just say, ‘this is what I believe is right,’ or ‘I don’t think this is good for the city.’ He was just right out there with it.”

Information from the Horn Lake city website stated that Smith was retired from Kimberly Clark, was a graduate of Memphis Central High School, and took law enforcement courses at Northwest Mississippi Community College.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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“Aldermen Smith wasn’t a politician,” Latimer said. “He would just say, ‘this is what I believe is right,’ or ‘I don’t think this is good for the city.’ He was just right out there with it.” As opposed to the rest of them who are politicians protecting only themselves.

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