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Members of the Southaven Board of Aldermen and Mayor Darren Musselwhite will hold a special meeting Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m. in the Board Room of City Hall, 8710 Northwest Drive.

The purpose of the meeting is to hear budget proposals from department heads, as city officials continue work on fashioning a budget for the upcoming fiscal year that begins Oct. 1.

Musselwhite announced the special meeting in a release Monday afternoon to the media and placed on the city’s website.

It is part the process the city is required to do to achieve a state-mandated Sept. 15 deadline for having a budget and tax levy in place for the next year.

That process will also include a public hearing on the budget, which must be scheduled at least one week prior to its final adoption.

At a special meeting held early last month, Musselwhite offered his proposals for his second term leading Mississippi’s third-largest city.

At the session, Musselwhite said street improvements were his top priority, proposing the city set more money aside for street work and maintenance.

“Our streets are in horrendous condition,” the mayor said at that meeting. “We fought hard the last four years and have done more than ever in the history of the city, but it has not been enough. Our streets need to be overlaid and they’re all coming due at the same time.”

Other issues Musselwhite wanted to see addressed are salaries and parks development.

While seeking budget cuts, Musselwhite wants aldermen to consider a $6 million bond issue that would help make up for the loss of revenue from the sunset of the Penny for the Parks restaurant food levy on June 30.

Each department head was initially asked to come with a budget that would reflect $1.62 million in reductions among the 10 departments.

This morning, the city department leaders will detail their requests for the coming year and how they plan to help meet that budget reduction.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer and may be reached at 662-429-6397 ext. 240.

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One Citizen's Voice

So, the "leader" tasks his subordinates with determining viable budget cuts (which is not very popular), while HE sits back and merely recommends borrowing more money to pay the bills. What kind of "leadership" is THAT exactly?! Thanks for the press-conference to let us know what you're NOT capable of doing Darren.....which is basically making hard decisions within a limited budget.....which is called governing/public administration. Where are the grown ups?

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