Hernando speeding

Speed calming devices in Lee's Summit subdivision are being discussed by Hernando aldermen. A petition has been circulated in support of such devices.

Motorists speeding down Monteith Drive and the ones who utilize Summit Drive as a shortcut to Holly Springs Road could be in for a rude awakening soon — quite literally.

Hernando aldermen Tuesday agreed that speeding in Lee's Summit subdivision has become an issue and is endangering the safety of residents, especially young children due to speeding cars and drive-through traffic.

Resident Greg Jones appeared once again before aldermen to air his request for speed altering devices, either "speed humps" or "speed bumps" as the case may be.

Jones presented a petition to aldermen containing 56 signatures of the neighborhood's 78 residents.

"Some people said I was wasting my time," Jones said. "Some said it would never happen."

"Let's prove them wrong," Ward 5 Alderwoman Cathy Brooks said.

Brooks said she drove out to the subdivision and immediately encountered a speeding motorist.

"I've been over there and a pickup truck came barreling through there," Brooks said.

Assistant Police Chief Shane Ellis said police continue to patrol the subdivision and write tickets.

"We get complaints on the web site and phone calls," said Ellis, acknowledging that violators complain abut being issued a ticket and law abiding residents continue to complain about speeding.

Mayor Tom Ferguson said he and aldermen understand the concerns of residents in the subdivision.

"We understand you want it — let's move forward with it," Ferguson said.

Ward 2 Alderman Andrew Miller said he has been wanting to get "traffic calming devices" on Hill Street in historic West End for some time.

"Hill Street has never had a speed calming device," Miller said, adding that he has also received complaints about basketball goals on city right-of-ways in which children's lives are being placed at risk.

The real issue is that the city has no policy in place as to what is allowed in city right-of-ways, Miller said.

"Due to the numerous complaints I've received about children nearly getting hit due to basketball goals in city right-of-ways, I'm bringing this to the board's attention. We don't have any policies in place about what you can do and can't do in city right-of-way. We've had some near misses of children getting hurt. I wouldn't want my son getting hit if he was chasing after a ball or something. The basketball goal (in city right-of-way) is only a small part of it."

Miller also complained that he felt there was some "passing of the buck" going on at City Hall with regard to the complaints about extracurricular activity in city right-of-ways.

The speed calming device issue is being placed on the Aug. 7 agenda for possible action.

City Engineer Joe Frank Lauderdale said some "speed calming" devices are between 12 to 14 inches in width and three inches high while other devices are six inches high and 25 feet long, acting more like raised crosswalks.

"What else can I do?" Jones asked, following up with a suggestion that he might assist the city with a traffic count in the high traffic areas.

Ferguson thanked Jones and urged him to place his trust in the board to seek a remedy to the issue.

Robert Lee Long is Community Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune. He may be contacted at rlong@desototimestribune.com or at 662-429-6397, Ext. 252

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This issue truly flabbergasts me. I've been begging the last two mayors and my alderman for the last 2.5 years to do something about the horrendous speeding that takes place along Della St. They have done absolutely nothing and if I'm ever lucky enough to get a response, they say the exact same clap-trap that is written in this article. For Heaven's sake, how in world would you trust and respect your local government when they openly say that they are more worried about the feedback and complaints that they get from the law-breakers who go 70 mph down a 20 mph street... a street that just happens to have ~ 3 dozen kids that live up and down it. If you look at the minutes from the city planning meetings, they seem to be more worried about "liability" from the perps than the health and safety of the kids on these streets. I have even seen (at least 6 times in the last year) drivers going down Della St. doing the speed limit and there will be people who are in too much of a hurry and they will pass this driver going 2-3x the speed limit (did I forget to mention it is 20 MPH!!!) I have given them numerous ideas, solutions, including more stop signs speed bumps, etc., but they keep putting their heads in the sand. The main two reasons why these law-breakers speed on Della is that they are 1) trying to cut through to get from Jaybird to 55 or 2) they are trying to avoid the school traffic on McIngvale. Both issues point to bad city planning and dragging their feet on the Commerce St. Expansion from 55 to Jaybird. Don't get me started on that... I do have to admit that the Hernando Police has been wonderful and very responsive. They aren't out on my street enough (in my opinion), but I know they are doing their best to curb this epidemic. I wish I could say the same about the city.


Several years ago, on two separate occasions, speeders on Green T Lake West, crashed into my brick driveway entrances causing significant damage and expense. I had written and appeared before our Board and requested speed control devices on GTLW. Denied because city attorney claimed liability would be imposed on city. Speeders continue at my home. Let’s see what happens now. If Lee’s Summit gets them, why not my neighborhood?


Put an officer there and write a bunch of tickets. Word will get out to slow down.

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