History came alive at Oak Grove Central Elementary School in Hernando—literally—when a student’s thumb was touched and he or she began telling the life story of the American history figure represented.

Research, prepared speeches, costumes and storyboards helped students understand why characters were remembered in history.

“I liked King George, but I don’t think Americans did,” said Colton Mobley.

That is a good deduction since King George hired thousands of mercenaries to assist the British troops in attempting to crush the rebellion in America, according to his storyboard.

There were many sightings of Betsy Ross, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams.

Margaret Corbin was a lesser known hero of the American Revolution, according to Lilly Anderson, and “the first woman to receive a military pension for dressing like a man and joining her husband as they fired a cannon.”

Kylie Faulkner’s favorite historical figure was Phillis Wheatley. Kylie explained Wheatley was the first African American female poet to have her poetry published in America.

Parents, grandparents, friends and fellow students walked the aisles of the Oak Grove Central gymnasium, touching “buttons” on students’ thumbs to bring the students to life and begin their presentations.

“Our students have been studying the American Revolution in their history classes,” explained Oak Grove Central principal Stacey Pirtle. “Oak Grove Central’s Living Museum was a creative and effective way for our students to research, study, and create unique presentations about various contributors during our American Revolution.”

Pirtle added, “Hundreds of parents came to participate and experience our museum first hand, and we are so grateful for their support. All of our students worked so hard and did such an amazing job. Our Tigers persevere, do hard things, and strive for excellence each day. This is a shining example of their efforts.”

Katherine Nelson is Communications Director for DeSoto County Schools.

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