DeSoto Times-Tribune

A letter to our valued readers…..

Some exciting changes are about to come to Mississippi’s second-oldest newspaper in the delivery of your print edition and how you can continue keeping up-to-date with what is going on around DeSoto County.

Since I first arrived here 11 years ago and joined the staff of the DeSoto Times-Tribune six years ago, I continue to be impressed with the unique service this newspaper provides to the community.

With the major Memphis market more interested in what goes on across the state line, DeSoto County news is largely ignored by them and that’s where the Times-Tribune comes into play.

If it’s local news, sports, features, lifestyle news or business happenings, if it happens in DeSoto County, we want to know about it and we want to report on it. And we have, for now 180 years, longer than almost every publication in the state of Mississippi.

Today, the DeSoto Times-Tribune is excited to announce plans to continue our mission to inform you in a new and exciting way.

Saturday, July 27 will be the final weekend print edition of the DeSoto Times-Tribune. Following Saturday’s newspaper, your DeSoto Times-Tribune will continue to come on a weekly basis each and every Thursday to homes and newspaper locations all across DeSoto County.

That’s not to say you’re going to lose your favorite features in the newspaper. You’ll still be able to read about business happenings in the growing DeSoto County area. You’ll still see your friends and neighbors enjoying life in the area through our Our Life photo page. And, you’ll still be able to read about your faith community in our Faith and Worship page. Our Lifestyles Editor Dale Lilly provides her special take on life in her column, and we’ll still offer our experts from around the country in our Opinion page.

What I’m especially excited about however is how we will incorporate providing those items along with breaking news through our website, You’ll find news updated there on a daily basis. We will also continue pushing out content on an even more regular basis to our social media outlets, including our Facebook page that now has over 12,700 followers, our new Instagram account and Twitter.

If you want breaking DeSoto County news daily or if you want a complete digest of everything DeSoto County in your hands, you now have more options than ever. And even at my advanced age, I think that’s pretty good news!

These really are exciting times for the DeSoto Times-Tribune. It hasn’t been easy in recent weeks as we have worked through getting these elements together, so I especially want to thank you for your support. Local journalism needs your support now more than ever.

I really am excited about what the DeSoto Times-Tribune is about to become and I look forward to being able to continue to tell you about everything DeSoto County!

Bob Bakken, Managing Editor, DeSoto Times-Tribune.