Tops Bar-B-Q on Stateline Road will re-open on Tuesday in time for the lunch crowd following a fire which forced the location to close temporarily.

The fire broke out on June 25 at the BBQ chain’s restaurant located at 313 Stateline Road and damaged the roof. 

“I can’t tell you how appreciative we are for the response time and expertise of the firemen that assisted that day,” CEO Randy Hough said in a statement.

Tops Vice President Hunter Brown said fortunately, all employees were able to evacuate the building safely and were sent to other Tops locations where they were able to continue working during the shutdown.

“No team members were left behind,” Brown said. “We were able to move some to other locations and I know they are looking forward to coming back to the Southaven location.”

Tops Bar-B-Q has been at its current location since 2015, and prior to that was located at Stateline and Hamilton Road.

Brown said the company worked diligently to expedite the repairs in order to re-open as quickly as possible. He added that local contractors were more than happy to help get the popular lunch spot back open.

“The Tops in Southaven is one of our flagship stores,” Brown said. “Not being able to reopen was heartbreaking for us. I’m from Southaven. We love the Southaven community and they love us. So we are very excited that we were able to hurry the repairs along so we can get back to serving our world famous BBQ and burgers.”

Mayor Darren Musselwhite said the Stateline Tops location has been a pillar in the original business district for years and is glad to see that they are able to get back up and running again.

“Congratulations to Tops on the Grand Re-opening,” Musselwhite said in a statement. “We missed them terribly.”

Debbie King, executive director of Southaven Chamber of Commerce said Tops BBQ are great corporate citizens and that the Southaven location is always busy. She said their phones at the Chamber have been blowing up from residents wanting to know when Tops was going to be back open.

“We are honored to have a location in Southaven and are super exited they are re-opening,” King said. “Tops BBQ has been one of the Mid-South staples since opening their first location in Memphis in 1952. The Southaven location leads the pack in sales. They are wonderful neighbors, involved with the community, and engaged with business leaders, always taking care of first responders and recognizing veterans. We are proud they took care of their Southaven location employees we have all gotten to know and love.”

The Chamber will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday morning to welcome Tops back and is scheduled to re-open for the lunch hour.

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