Treadway out as School Board attorney

Keith Treadway

Longtime DeSoto County School Board Attorney Keith Treadway is out as legal counsel representing Mississippi's largest school district in a 3-2 vote Thursday night.

Board member Milton Nichols made a motion to hire the Adams Reese LLP Law Firm, which has offices in Jackson and Memphis. His motion was seconded by board member Michele Henley.

Nichols, Henley and fellow board member Sarah Doss-Thomas voted to hire Adams Reese Law Firm as new counsel. Attorney Jim Keith with Adams Reese made a presentation earlier on his firm's request for proposal for professional services as did Treadway who has served the School Board for 13 years and five as in-house counsel.

Board members Ann Jolley and Sheila Riley voted "no" on the motion, wishing to retain Treadway.

Treadway thanked the board for the opportunity to serve them but acknowledged he was disappointed in the board's decision to hire another firm as counsel.

Keith and his legal team represent the Madison County School Board as well as 12 districts across the state. The firm has a legal team of 300 attorneys. The Adams Reese firm has represented DeSoto County in previous legal matters.

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One Citizen's Voice

That's what you call "lawyering up" folks.....I wonder why they felt they needed to do this? Hmmmm.......

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