Softball and baseball teams across the south are heading back home as the Dizzy Dean World Series in Southaven wrapped up this week. 

Almost 80 teams of all ages have made their way to the Greenbrook Softball Complex and Snowden Grove Baseball Park to participate in the tournament.

“The Dizzy Dean World Series creates unforgettable memories for so many kids which is what it’s all about primarily,” Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite said. 

Softball teams that took home championships in their divisions are: Ooltewah Unicorns Elite in 6U, Eastern All-Stars in 8U, Caledonia All-Stars in 10U, Caledonia All-Stars in 12U, Elite in 14U and Indianola All-Stars in the high school division.

Winning baseball teams include: Acworth Warriors in 6CP, Hopewell Mustangs in 7CP, Eastside Thunder in 8CP, Southaven All-Stars in 10U, Tallapoosa Rebels in 11U, Rock Creek Eagles in 12U, Grenada Rec All-Stars in 14U, Southaven All-Stars in 16U and Madison City Blue in the senior division. 

And from an economic standpoint, Musselwhite said the Dizzy Dean World Series always fills hotel rooms and restaurants and contributes greatly to the local economy each year.

“It is the epitome of tourism as it brings so many people to our city that do business here creating tremendous economic benefits for our entire city,” Musselwhite said.

Musselwhite said that the event is usually responsible for about $2.5 million spent in Southaven each year. This year’s number is expected to be about three times as much.

The contract the city has with Dizzy Dean Baseball was renewed for another 10 years in 2014.

Snowden Grove Baseball Park and Greenbrook Softball Complex have a combined total of 25 fields that were recently refitted with artificial turf, making Southaven an even more appealing home to Dizzy Dean World Series and other sporting organizations. 

According to the Snowden Grove Park website, the park typically hosts more than 10 tournaments each weekend from March to June while July is booked up for the Dizzy Dean World Series.


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