Tonight, after the final buzzer sounded, Olive Branch players rejoiced in a 28-14 victory over Lewisburg High School. Lewisburg started physical and fast, claiming a quick first touchdown, but found themselves swallowed by turnovers and other errors.

“I knew the team that fixed the mental errors would come out on top,” Olive Branch head coach Darren Bowling said. “For a while there I didn't know who that was going to be, but I'm glad it was us.”

Bowling made a point to emphasize the number of yards lost because of penalties to his team at halftime.

“We were playing so tense in the first half,” Bowling said. “I think once we got a couple scores across that helped us get out of our own heads.”

Despite the penalties, there were stand-out performances from the Olive Branch offense. 

“Ty Walton, our quarterback, had a great game,” Bowling said. “He had a touchdown on a breakaway in the first quarter then threw one for a touchdown later on, he had a good night for us.”

Olive Branch did not make it to the playoffs this year, but that didn't stop them from playing hard this game.

“If we can get this next game, we still get a winning season,” Bowling said. “It’s unfortunate for us that we aren't (in the playoffs), but it will still be a good night for the seniors on senior night.”

Olive Branch will play a Hernando team next week, where they will look to make a winning season from their final battle of the year.

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